The Best ‘Car Mode’ Apps for Android [Rundown]

Demonstrating the Best “Car Mode” Apps for Android
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In this video, I’ll be showing you the 5 best “Car Mode” apps for Android, which help you keep your eyes on the road while using your phone. These apps have all been updated within the last few months, so they’re some of the few Car Mode apps that are still under active development.

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Edwin Gramba says:

Very nice review, thank you. I was wondering to install 10″ tab further from window, few reasons an one of them I live in Thailand, the sun would burn it fast 🙂 another although its very safe here it would need to be remover every time for safety.

My question is, could I find the way to use usb cam via otg for dash cam recording. Would be inexpensive option but pretty cool.

Anyone has experience with such setup? Thanks in advance!

Zdeněk Dušatko says:

I like Automate and Autify Car.

Harood Gresseau says:


Splash says:

Automate got replaced by the android auto app

TheModernAristotle says:

The second one is basically material design gone wrong. Who agrees with me?

Erwin EAK says:

Bullshit, leave your phone while driving, stop if you need to use it, simple as that.
everyone is addicted to this shit
good video btw

silkworm3268 says:

All dangerous and probably illegal in a car. Where are the voice controlled phone apps.

Jack_Cydia says:

Nice Job!

Dave N says:

A new car mode app has recently come out called Ultimate Driving Mode. It lets you do all the standard hands free stuff (calls, texts, media, and navigation), but also includes access to Amazon’s Alexa voice service – the same voice assistant used in the Echo.

Deejay Castillo says:

Can you guys and girls answer my school survey? its about an application that helps a user fix his or her car. It will take only 5 minutes of your time, and it will help me improve this application. I appricate in advance.

Kent mate says:

Nice, my phone came with “Car Mode” – it’s an Australian S5. But this doesn’t integrate with my Bluetooth stereo, so it’s better not to use it. Can you please recommend one of those that will allow me to use my “answer” button and speakers and mic, and won’t stick on “Preparing to dial” or restart when I try to answer a call? XD

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