The NVH App Vibration Analyzer – Road Testing a Vehicle

A demonstration of using the new NVH App to perform a road test procedure on a vehicle with a tire vibration. This app works on almost any passenger car or truck, including class 4-8 heavy duty trucks. Buy the NVH App for iPhone at
Buy the NVH for Android app at

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Paul David Cross says:

Using that attachment on the windscreen would exaggerate vibration…..

Tech geek says:

With this type of attachment you also measure windshield aand attachments resonance vibration.

Cameron Earnshaw says:

Do you have any shops in Arizona that I can take my car to that have the app?

Melvin Thomas says:

I’ll pass on this app, looks like a good app but at $400 for this app it would be cheaper to take your car to the shop.

Dean Kay says:

Is the vibration of the “First Order” the worst of all vibrations found during a test? Vibration anaylisis has been taught for decades as a vibration of the “First order” is a vibration related to engine speed. Vibration of the “Second Order” is related to the drive train via transmission, the selected gear, driveshaft and final drive. While vibration of the “Third Order” is the relationship of wheel speed. I will use my ear, hand, seat of my pants, plus my brain to detect the root cause of a vehicles vibration….best felt while $400 is in my wallet.

amar raj says:

please make it available for android users too

The Capsule says:

please need for android

Intrade Motor says:

What is the story on the Android version?

MrUseur says:

What a crap!!! Wow, the tires cause vibrations, I need to have an app to confirm that. Lol. This is an app for morons. Nobody needs an app to determine a 1st wheel order problem. You feel it in your seat….and hear it by your ears. And even the tactile response in the steering wheel depending on the vehicle speed does reveal any 1st order tire issue.

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