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Kevin W says:

I dont think this video did the injustice to this scan tool that it deserves. This product is not made by Launch USA and has very little support because an over seas company makes it. If you want full functionality buy a Launch USA product and get proper support for it. I contacted Launch USA and they will not help you with this product!

*Edit someone already said this but it is important to know. And i believe a proper review would have stated this fact.

David Nash says:

I’m not even a mechanic and wouldn’t know one end of a spanner from the other and have no idea how I ended up on hereb but I watched this video because your presentation was so good and honest !

Robert Petch says:

Your videos may be pretty good, but I rarely get to the good stuff. Your preamble and digressions are way too long! I’m writing this while you’re talking about everything except what the title says! Going to bale any second now……

ega0117 says:

BMWs are expensive to fix

Greebo says:

Biggest question for me. What about UPDATES? Cars these days come out like burgers at the drive through, all with new systems. Do these tools keep up? I work on Land Rover, and it’s a nightmare now. Sure, for the first 12-18 months the cars will go back to the “stealers”, but the second or third owner will give up on their pricing.

Richard White says:

You mentioned trouble with lack of data etc on German cars, well you will be impressed with your new launch scanner, but whenever your working with any vag (VW,Audi,seat &skoda)
Then I recommend Ross tech’s vcds (vag com) you can learn how to alter Allsorts of parameters etc, this system is on par with dealers systems!

John King says:

Shut up you talk to much see ya

jimmy Knickerbocker says:

Hey Man , love the advice . I ended up with 2 BMW E46’s . BMW STANDS FOR , “ BARELY MOVES , WALK”

epicredneck247 says:

Please make a video of your semi truck computer, I’m a starting diesel mechanic and would love to find out how you do it,all the setups I’ve seen cost 5 grand or better


6 commercials in 29 min seriously

Luis diaz says:

Funny stuff

Ronald Collins says:

I do have a Launch CReader 6001

dany ordonez says:

Can it read misfire count on any vehicle.

Albert Hendershot says:

What??? One scanner will not put Snap On out of business……..

Paul Duncan says:

Will this read traction control faults?

Valentin Rosu says:

I use a launch ms908 pro and this tool does more then a $10.000 tool from any tool truck ! You can even enable or disable airbag igniters on a bunch of vehicles , that is helpful if you have the airbag light on for a seatbelt igniter or a passenger seat sensor , you can actually disable it and get that light off the dash !
It’s a must for any tech who’s worth his salt

Heavy_Haul_N_Fool says:

It’s 789$ meh I’ll just stick with my 50$ reader honestly if it was 450$ I’d buy it also they will probably get their money back when the two years free updates expire I have not researched what it would cost to continue getting updates but even better I can do lots of that stuff with a 20$ obd2 to computer adapter and pirated software but I assume a dealer tech would not want to cross that road with a new car under warranty

ega0117 says:

Where is it made???

texas tough says:

WHEN AN ITEM IS FREE, you are the product!

Alex Duke says:

If you like it make a video of not just tell us what you don’t like don’t make a video… Lol here we go

texas tough says:

why no nissan adapter

Matthew Murray says:

so it has the functionality of a Snap-on MODIS! (the graphing of functionality) that’s a sell for me.

Dirt Diver says:

Great video. I’m not even in the industry just have a Ford I’d like to scan and I’m really impressed.

huckbeduck says:

Does anyone know if the Launch mini has the capabilities of the GMTech2 scanner, such as turning off the vats & turning off the auto door locking?

Bryan Centerfitt says:

My question is, when did launch give you the ability to reprogram or code a vehicle? I’ve never used a launch that goes this far in depth, especially for Euro vehicles.

H Pistole says:

Awesome of you dude

Daniel Rowe says:

AAA yes. The old snap on red brick what we use to call it in Highschool.

Welding Junkie says:

The launch is a good tool but 1. Will def not put snap on out of business, Snap on sells more than just scanners. 2. No scope capabilities on this scanner (tablet) it’s a tablet. 3. No trouble shooter. 4. No pro demand.

This is like an Autel, I have the Autel Elite with J2534 box which is 10x the machine this is, I love mine. I have the snap on Verus edge as well and the lab scope is real good on it plus the stuff mentioned above.

The launch that you really want is the X431 V+ model which has 2 years free updates like my Autel Elite and this launch can do 24v diesel along with advanced coding and ecu programming not this one … I highly suggest people go watch scanner danner, pine hollow, diagnose dan, new level auto and south main auto if you want to see how to really use these tools. I’ve never seen Steven Cox do any advanced diagnosis and I’ve never seen him do any coding which is fine for the tool he’s showing. If you are just a wrench guy like Steven than this ones prob perfect. Btw the Diagun IV does the same thing as this one but it’s cheaper

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