Top 5 apps to get for any Android Car Head Unit!

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I wanted to compile a list of my favorite apps i have for my android car head unit. There are definitely a lot more apps that are a bit more technical and hard to get but this should be a good quick start to get the apps they need.

1.) Car Launcher
2.) Spotify
3.) Google Now
4.) Viper4Android
5.) Google Maps (I like Sygic and tomtom but these cost a bit more mula)

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Head unit specs

Topway 2nd generation Pure Android Head unit

OS: Android 4.4.2
Processor Type: Quadcore R16
CPU: Quad-Core Cortex A7 1.6 Frequency
GPU: DUAL Mali400MP2 400MHz – Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
External Memory: Up to 32GB USB x2 Note: You can use external storage higher than 32GB as long as it is formatted as FAT32.
MCU: will confirm later
Screen: Capacitive 1024×600.
GPS: GLONASS/Galilean satellites – supports H.265 video decode
Radio: Analogue with RDS 6686
Bluetooth: Yes
4×45 watts


James Shamy says:

how did you get voice commands to work? it seems my built in mic only works on Bluetooth phone calls

EakcoTV says:

Will this work with the 2015 HK system ?

Germán Andrés says:

Hello, is this radio fully compatible with voice steering and audio commands, car siri and rear view camera subaru forest 2017 model? Can I install applications like spotify, waze, or the mirror of my iPhone?. What is your email?

Nico3644 says:

Can you install launchers like Google Now, Nova etc?

Coletta Hughes says:

Why do you guys all use that some lame and overused royalty free song??? You ever consider making friends with a struggling music artist who might love having their tunes in better circulation? They’ll probably gladly let you use their music in trade for a small credit and link to their site. Try being more creative and you’ll be less corporate looking as a result.

DFSrlz says:

did you bypass the stock firmware screen in order to have the car launcher start instead? if so how did you do it?

Christopher Maxwell says:

Could I used this head unit on a 2016 Kia Optima LX??

Mike Goldfield Design says:

do you have to have a data plan for all this internet access youre using?

Andrievschi Alexandru says:

what is the name of the Car Launcher app?

Dennis V says:

Hello, try to review CarWebGuru Launcher 2.0 – with skins and widgets technology

Aaron Globerson says:

would this unit fit on my altima coupe?

bobdabildr12345 says:

Can u install waze?

evocre8r says:

How did you get the radio icon to show on the dash? It is not in the list of apps from the app drawer? Please let me know.


BboyMentos says:

what are you using as your internet connection?

a lua says:

will it fit 05 Silverado

Chris Keo says:

i thought you got it off aliexpress? for 250? the link is from amazon?!?!!

Lino Oliveira says:

Hello, can you add the native Android Car Head Unit apps like radio, dvd, bluetooth on the Car Launcher app?

mari3us says:

How do you get 4G on the unit? A dongle of some sort?

scoogots says:

DId you have to flash a permissive kernel to get viper4android to work?

Efrain Guzman says:

You think Lyft app can be added on the radio?

pnoii says:

I plan on buying the subispeed v2 android head unit. I have an iphone, I assume I could still plug it usb and play music through my apps on my phone or whatever right, or is it only playable via bluetooth?

Gil, Jr. Petersen says:

Do i need to root my head unit to install viper4android?

thomas delgado says:

How did u root this,I have the same unit

CookPiggy says:

you don’t have to scream to google

John John says:

Can you make a video on how you install viper4Android please

Creamedinmypants says:

How do you connect to the internet when youre on the road though?

Germán Andrés says:

What unit can you recommend that I keep the urinal functionality of my car (subaru forester 2017 turbo). I mean all the voice commands functions, the original camera works and all the buttons on the thymus steering wheel

Ace Futura says:

u have a speech impediment

Rusty Mcphie says:

are you using lollipop ?

Taylor Thomaston says:

What’s a good head unit for my 2010 sti?

Cris Garcia says:

Ok I’m confused does this google maps run off your phone? Or do you need like a data plan for all this? If you do need a data plan how much is it? And will this fit in a 2000 civic hatchback?

John John says:

How did you change the top bar color to red? Mine remain black but I want it to look nice like yours.

Lou Coe says:

How hard was this to wire up?

Mark Morton says:

Wish it was stable for me. I bought the Car Launcher Pro for my Android 5.1 head unit and it hangs on startup about 40% of the time, requiring a hard reset to get it to load successfully. I switched to Nova Prime and zero load issues in over a month.

Do Boy's Garage says:

Would Harry’s Lap Timer work with this?

Nayro Jinges says:

annoying music…

Brandon Winn says:

I see it’s $500 something . Is this one different from the one on subi speed. Sorry I’m an apple guy and don’t quite understand all the android stuff

a lua says:

is it still working good for u??

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