Top 5 CAR HUDs

Top 5 2016/2017 Best CAR Head Up Display – Car HUD Gadgets You Must HAVE

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HUDIFY | A Transparent GPS That Keeps Your Eyes On The Road

iSCOUT Head-Up Display(HUD) | Making Driving Smarter

Navdy® Feels Like Driving In The Future

Carloudy: Futuristic Head-Up Display on Your Windshield

Exploride HUD | Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car


kevinranders says:

300 – 900 dollars.. Yeah ok.

B K says:

Just another risk of getting broken in

LA Cyclist says:

ALL OF THESE 5 ARE A BIG FAIL! No No No. All that is needed is a very small footprint OBD II Speed only projection. These are all as ridiculous today as a massive 50 Inch Tube TV from the 1980’s.

Grumpy Jock says:

didn’t think Muslim women were allowed to drive iscout

johnmonk66 says:

navdy is the only one you can actually buy, and its 400 dollars. You can get a 10 dollar phone reflector and do the same thing

postmortemarg says:

0:44 why are they showing that? in most muslim countries they arent even allowed to drive

AlainHubert says:

Most of these are bad. Moreover, in many countries, it’s illegal to put anything on the dashboard that is in your field of vision. Be it stupid things hanging from the rearview mirror, to useless gadgets like these cheap hud displays. Plus, in case of an accident, those things can become a projectile and cause injuries (especially if you’re hit from the back). Useless, and potentially dangerous. Not to mention that some of this useless crap is expensive.

mcatuara1 says:

I hate to say this but you spelled HUDIFY wrong

Stev A says:

Navdi looked decent until I saw it was $500. That is ridiculous! I wouldn’t pay half that much for a device that uses my phone to do most of the work. For that price not only should it NOT depend on my phone, but it should also wax my car at least once a week. Screw that. I will wait for the prices to come down, which they definitely will.

johnniedehuff says:

Lmao the Navdy ad put the Bentley logo on the Ford focus

dave yyc says:

if you don’t know you need fuel you shouldn’t be driving.

gordon Freeman says:

so these are basically magnifying glasses for your phone with less visibility and higher battery drainage.
sounds like a solid investment

Andy Chow says:

They aren’t worth a nickel.

Becky Braun says:

But you say local updates. So does it does not independently update with live traffic? Can it tie in with my other smart phone functions for the Carlday?

Wade Smith says:

Very well done. I placed my order for the A8.

ExileXCross says:

These are dumb why not just make a cradle that holds the phone on the dash just above the instrument cluster does the same thing and requires no app. Works with whatever gps app user wants and drivers doesn’t have to worry about glare.

majorpainful says:

total bullshit.

Molon Labe says:

these are so cheesy i swear

JB Dragon says:

I have the Navdy and I paid the Pre-Order price, but the normal cost is pretty costly. The software is still Beta. I do like it, but it’s also missing features I’d like to see. Things like the WAZE app shows you. Hazards, and Police and other things. So I miss that. Do people really NEED one of these? I don’t know. I have a windshield mount for my phone and just using a app like WAZE or Navagon or whatever, works pretty good. Just know to use voice more then trying to stare at the phone screen.

A HUD can still be distracting.

Googlefluff857 says:

I find these all ugly and distracting. I love the idea of a HUD, but not unless it’s a factory option.

Joshua Carbajal says:

The music

tup2012 says:

Why’s iScout listed in this “top HUD” while it doesn’t even exist (yet). They called for fund on Kickstater and many of its backers are thinking that it’s a fraud project. Check out the bakers’ comments if you want more details:

Zebede Zandale says:

It’s expensive though, iscout is overly expensive.

Jay Jenkins says:

What was the app called in the HUDIFY demo?

Tony caffeine says:

my dad had a 1999 Pontiac with the same thing but just speed….

Pocho Nieves says:

ABSOLUTELY not with their price tags of $299 to $499. Most modern cars have this in their console or you can buy an infotainment with it plus you get the car stereo party of it. Not worth it.

J Killeen says:

So Navdy think they can stick a bentley badge on a mondeo and we won’t notice it 😉

Mat Pinato says:

Ok so I went to the website to see if these where out yet as I seen this advert last year. Still not out also they look nothing like the advertisement? 2 questions. When will it come out and 2. Will it look as is displayed in this advertisement because on your website looks totally different?

Ákos Maróy says:

look at this Mixed Reality aviation tech that also works in cars, see starting 0:0:45 in this video:

El Philly says:

“Make use of a PleTHORA of apps…Exploride.” I think he put the emPHASIS on the wrong sylLABLE.

Alternative Headlines says:

Anyone who tweets while driving deserves to die.

Robert Fedderwitz says:

I can’t believe you put units in the top 5 that do not project the image. You should put an advisory, only use at night because the brightest phone cannot project an image in bright daylight that is adequate or even safe to use. And who wants to put their phone on the windshield in the bright sunlight and hot dashboard. These units should be eliminated immediately. Even Navdy has an alarm when the windshield gets too hot…….maybe they can be used in Alaska or Siberia!

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