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Looking for a great real time gps tracker for your vehicle or a gps tracker that you can put in your car or for tracking your kids? This personal gps tracker is a compatible with the iphone and a gps tracker android compatible unit. Is this a spy gps for tracking a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend? Not exactly. This is not a spy gps tracker you’ll see advertised but instead a great gps gsm tracker for location based mobile alerts right out of the box. The gps tracker app is simple to use and this video review shows a tracking demonstration.


Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker GPS/GSM Tracking Real-time Locator for Cars Motorcycles Scooter Bike Golf Carts

Vectu Portable Vehicle tracker is perfect for tracking all kinds of vehicles, from cars, motorcycles and scooters to electric bikes and golf carts.

Enjoy peace of mind with GPS & GSM enabled Vectu Vehicle Tracker, knowing that you can locate your vehicle anytime, anywhere. Vectu GPS tracker comes with an installed SIM card, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists (excludes Japan, S. Korea & N. Korea).

Live tracking – location updates every 60-seconds when your vehicle is moving
Works worldwide anywhere GSM cellular reception exists (excludes Japan, S. Korea & N. Korea)

First year’s service fee included -worldwide coverage with free roaming
Geofence – create a geofence and receive alerts whenever Vectu exits this area
Speed alerts -set a speed limit and be alerted immediately if it is exceeded
Arm feature – create an instant Safe Spot around the device and be alerted, if it moves from that location
Help button that sets off an alert in case of emergency
Instant SMS/Email/Push notifications
Multiple users -share vectu with family members, friends or care givers
Add up to 4 additional phone numbers and 4 email addresses to receive notifications
View multiple devices on a single map
Connect as many vectu devices as you wish to myAspenta app
Histotrack -historical trip view
Battery:3000mAh LiPo
Supply Power: 5V USB
90-days location reports & heat map

Easy To Setup:
Download the myAspenta app from App Store or Play Store or access online at




M D says:

Can I use it in Bangladesh???

James Evans says:

Lol this dude is cool. Kinda a clown but cool nevertheless XD

Santosh Napte says:

Aap konta

Natalee says:

I needed this to out in my old car that got stolen this thanksgiving. Damn

Viviana Ciuca says:

for a phone you can use Spy Phone App

Holly Henderson says:

Coolest deal!

FaZe CrAzY626 says:

i dont know if someone might see this but im looking into trackers for cars and i wanna know what provider is the best. ive seen brick house security alot but now i have seen this and it seems pretty good

t.c.hinson says:

Pretty Awesome !

Pirate Smurf says:

Great. Now my GF will put this in my car.

Kevin Bagshaw says:

Love the new animations!

MISSY gold says:

wow this is truly 1 of the best deals I need 3 for when my husband, son,an brother go hunting if they get lost we could easily find them wow I’m really amazed at this product thanks so much matt love you as always your the best

durjoy moira says:


Helen Hart says:

I often read some negative experience with this device, thought i’m not a user of this device, iv’e been also using Trackimo’s 3G device for my pet and other stuff

Mayo Dedi says:

why are you shouting…

Norris Sledge says:

Could I hook this up to the battery so I will never have to charge it?

Tabby Tabz says:

indeed a very good device but im using Trackimos 3G for my car and it works perfect for me. 🙂

John Doe says:

Better call sall

Daniel Castañón says:

This is great. Time to spy.

Genevieve Dion says:

do you need to be connected to internet to receive notifications when your car moves, or it send you a text message ?

Nate Guteras says:

no more “lost and found”

Papi Chulo says:

What type of sim card does the GPS use

durjoy moira says:

PLESS CALL ME +8801748771143

Ameen Khanlary says:

*I do not believe it, I finally found a site that works very well! thousands of thanks!* *online*.*GPS-phoneTRACKER*.*com*

zlatko bobic says:

why is affectation necessary..? can’t watch. it’s painfull for me

Nay Owe says:

Does it require a SIM card?

Sagar Patil says:


Valerie Clayton says:

I drive a Kia and their app will pretty much do the same thing! But thanks Matt, I still love watching you and your videos and you have saved me so much money! I’ve been a subscriber since the very beginning and I think you and all your interns are great!!

The nooby Violinist says:

perfect way of saying “I don’t trust you”

andrew hutchinson says:

So my truck has been broken I to about 5 times I have a older Toyota pickup I’ve done steering wheel locks kill switches changed out the locks so you can just jimmy key been leaving my iPhone on silent in my truck for the find my iPhone app. Then boom I seen your channel was created in my sons bday then seen the title and was like wtf that’s exactly what I need. Then your energy in the video was on point.I opened up a new page with your video playing in the back ground. Looking for this project then I heard you’d be giving away one.
So honeslty I hit the subscribe button then realized I forgot my password and email spent some time now I’m writing you a review Going to subscribe after this and watch the rest of your video hopefully you might have one still around because I feel like I’m a prime candidate

Muse 5280 says:

Great info!

Mohammed Rizwan says:

Does it work across countries ?

Donna Kabel says:

oh the trouble is would have been in if this was around when I was younger!

Catie Gillespie says:

This is fucking terrifying

Bilal Maqsood says:

website and qoutate me plz

Jefferson Tavares says:

Works in any country, such as Brazil?

R Berry says:

These would work fine in our company trucks, so customers could track (heavy equipment) shipping, in real time.

Dee Bee says:

Great product

pas69 says:

wow….this is really nice cant believe im just seeing this…

Tony Louie says:

great item

Robert M. Wyatt says:

This is a great way to track miles and service for tax write off at the end of the year.I also added one to my daughter’s car at collage in case it get stolen.Cheap insurance to recover it .

Braulio Rodriguez says:

Are you still giving some out?

Andreas Tsaknopoylos says:

Hi, does anyone knows how much last the battery? THanks

Joana Perez says:

were can i buy it?

RON SAMO says:

I have subscribed, Did I win? LoL

Talha Jahangir says:

*I caught my girlfriend cheating using the free cell phone tracker. Found the house she was going to with gps tracking and text tracking showed her talking to another guy anyone can get it free at:*
*Use this website is free*

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