Torque App for Android. See your car data

Using the Torque App for Android, see all of the Data your car reads with OBDII.
Also reads and clears fault codes. See HP, Torque, Speed, Accel, Fuel data etc….
Connect via Bluetooth adapter to vehicle OBDII Port.
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Andreas PoPaY says:

And my Torque pro dont have the track recorder

1360 2ps3 says:

love ❤ the ss. mine’s better though. 0-60 in 1sec 800hp with 830ft/lbs. all from only a cai and stickers. titties

Tony Nameless says:

Does it use mobile data to get info or it comes preloaded with information like the hand held device ?

Pavle Bujanovic says:

Can you monitor the gear via this app? If so, is the gear the actual gear or the commanded gear (since I know there is a slight lag between the two)? Thanks!

Walter White says:

Do u recommend for a 2007 Mustang GT?

jay kishor says:



Michael Lsiter says:


Jaarvus Smith says:


Griselda Lafave says:
No Names says:

One of the very few OBD2 reviews that actually showing WHY I’d need to buy this device and what I can do with it. Thanks.

Tony Nameless says:

Oh ok so its useless without data or wifi to get the codes description and fixes..

I guess good old $100 OBD2 hand held scanner still wins the competition .

dantoo2 says:

Where can I find the EXPLANATION for the Codes? “MID: $30 TID:$1d” WTF, hehe? What does it mean?MID and TID means what?

China World says:

V2.1 ELM327 OBD2 you can buy here 4$—–

atamotua64 says:

so what is the best way/device/adapter to connect the phone with this Torque software to the actual vehicle?

egnilk66 says:

What I want to know…and will hopefully figure out today….is whether or not I can use it with an Android Emulator running on my laptop.    Bluestacks looks to be a great android emulator but I’m not sure if it will interface with my machine’s bluetooth connections.

Remy LeBeau says:

I like it!

PEXMAN says:

Wow! Great video..Sir! This obd2 can only use on your car? or you can use also other car? Doesnt work on iphone? Thanks!

DarkLinkAD says:

What is your minimum HP readout when going down the highway?

Charliechoes says:

OK, I can’t get the music out of my head. Isn’t that Metallica’s Load/Reload album playing in the background?

Richard Gravely says:

Teressa Adams

HeyrroPrease says:

Been using this app for a while now.  I use it real time to show AFR and Boost pressure, along with a few other gauges.

jan klaas says:


Travis Heinze says:

Is there a track recorder for iPhone products? I don’t even see Torque in the App Store.

Fernando Proença says:

Mt legal

niceguy60 says:

Very nice review , I have this App on my Samsung Galaxy Mega 

withyou78 says:

Is there any software or app to increase hp?

Kristian Viitanen says:

Jääättiläismäinen BT palikka LOL

DjSmileyofLasVegas says:

I bought the blue panlong scanner has lights to say its connected got it for 10 on amazon and it came with disk with torque pro free for computer and andriod.worked great cleared to cars codes and my suv was no codes show radiator and gas.vacuum rpms etc.great deal

Ryan Powers says:

Do you have a link for that OBD adapter?  Thanks.

psdaengr says:

For the price, what this does is nice, but only generic data related to engine performance and emission is read. That’s fine for monitoring performance, but it could do so much more.

The obd2 bus connector is capable of accessing much information from the transmission and electronic brake (stability, traction and abs) control systems, but not by a passive data polling system like this.

K Schneider says:

I don’t understand where the video on his phone came from…..?

Ahmed Helmy says:

is it good for BMW 525i model 2001

SolarizeYourLife says:

Wish torque would do a heads up set up, with reverse screen, and you can contral it with a Bluetooth trackball, sadly they do not make Bluetooth trackballs…

Salvo Farina says:

Beards, uggg

Nick R says:

Not in E. Providence are ya?

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