Torque & OBDII Android App Review

Nice app for geeky petrol heads. Get the OBDII here –

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Benjimikey says:

I had a Engine Malfunction warning on my ford kuga. ford wanted £75 to investigate and keep overnight even though they said it might be nothing and just reset which would be additional.i bought the app & dongle and the code fault was just oil had deterioration. I hit the clear fault codes and all is normal for £18

Tomislav Efremovski says:

I purchase OBDII as well torque application, and additional application for Renault sensors, and everything work well, but when I did diagnostic and I know for sure that my sensor for airbag on steering wheel don’t work application didn’t show that. I check for the sensors that torque monitoring and I didn’t found that sensor in application, but I found some sensors that I think my car don’t have. My question is, can I reassign some of them for this sensor and what is your experience whit this issue. Thank you.

Charles Stawell says:

I would say having a basic OBDII mini Bluetooth adapter in the car at all times is a cheap simple backup and last resort before relying on AA breakdown & recovery type services… it gives you symptoms to what could be wrong when there’s none you can recognise yourself… I got an O2 sensor warning from my OBDII unit whereas I got just a generic check engine light from the car’s dash… turned out flawing it down the motorway fixed the O2 sensor no problem… (advice from friends and Google) (O2 sensors help with fuel to air ratio for maximum fuel efficiency, but sometimes they break or just get clogged with crap) so yeah this is great for taking back control over your car & avoiding unessential trips to the mechanic/garage or failing your next MOT!

Bashar Pero says:

Does it read the Feul pressure during driving the car ?

PrinceTMusic says:

do you think this is good app to have when you are buying a car?

Luis Reynoso says:

i can’t get it to work on my honda civic 2002 ep3. it wont connect to ecu?

ukropadam says:

Bought this app. Doesn’t show me fault codes. Showing turbo bust in some weird parameters that I don’t understand. Try to change it to bars and it got even more wired ) useless

Felixnorieg Norieg says:

donde adquirir conector para el torq

Dave - says:

can you leave it plugged in

Mohammad hindi says:

How are u showing battery pack module voltages using torque

Travis Heinze says:

My car has a high rpm problem. How can interpret the Torque results in live scan to diagnose the problem accurately?

Carlos Ferreira says:

Hi Andy,
Have you tested the OBDLink LX scanner with Torque at all? i’ve read that it apparently communicates faster and refreshes faster etc.–obd-interface-290-p.asp?gclid=CPadkv31ir4CFWsTwwodQ30AeQ

Just thought i’d ask.

ger tis says:

Torque app sucks. I like better ScanMaster

John Lancaster says:

I notice on the Amazon link for the adapter, there is a note stating that it will not work with Android 4 and above.

Boyke Radj says:

does it work with mercedes me adapter

Tanim Ahmad says:

It’s a clever little kit to figure out if previous owner has modified the engine as well.

Ermanno Strixino says:

Good morning , since i see that you are knowlegible i would like to ask you a question : Do you have any ideas why it is not reconizing my Peuget 206 HDI . Is asking me to go in setting but i do not know how to acess the setting of Torque program .Thank you for your time in any case . Ermanno

Harvey Ryan says:

Do you think you’d ever make a review of a moga controller, Andy?

Dan Smith says:

What car mount is that Andy? Have a Note 3 and Torque, very interested in the mount. Great video BTW… 

SuperSonicSpeedGuy says:

Can I use a WiFi adapter with Android devices?

D Murphy says:

Do U have to use the bluetooth adaptor or could i use my OBD connector? which will connect usb, is usually used on my laptop via Opcom

Rick Dangerous says:

I don’t like how your torque REQUIRES a data connection to be able to use it… my old phone no longer has service but torque installed… won’t let me use it… BAD FEATURE!!!!!!



sean elliott says:

Hi @AndroidAndyUK were did you get you elm327 just I’ve heard there’s lots of copy’s going around and I want a real one that works lol. Cheers bud

Jiri Adamik says:

when I start engine – the connection with ECU shout down. Some idea what can I do? Car – Dodge durango 5.2 1999, phone sony xperia

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