Toyota Entune 3.0 (*Now w/ Apple CarPlay*) 2019 Detailed Tutorial and Review: Tech Help

This Tech Help Tutorial and Review will look at the Toyota Entune 3.0 (2019) System with Apple CarPlay. This is first seen in the 2019 Toyota Avalon, but it will be rolling out to more Toyota products. We will be looking at the app suite, WiFi, Apple CarPlay, Dynamic Navigation, Scout GPS Link Connected Navigation, Remote Control app and much more.

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*The vehicle shown in this video is a 2019 Toyota Avalon Touring. If you would like to see the Full Review on this vehicle, follow the link in below.

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Jorge Luis Gonzalez says:

Lame, no Android

Danny Kwok says:

That Avalon screen and design looks almost identical to the Honda accord and also looks identical to the new Nissan altima….. What’s going on in Japanese car design

windel12002 says:

I just looked at a 2018 Camry, a 2018 Rav4 and a 2019 Camry. I HATE that Toyota doesn’t seem to have a CD Player in the 2019 Rav4 or the Camry. IT SUCKS!

James Cox says:

I just purchased a 2018 RAV4 with Entune Premium. I see the software can be updated. Will an update allowing me to get Apple CarPlay come available? Thanks. Great video.

radanju3 says:

Fuck Scout GPS. My mom got the 2019 corolla hatchback for herself with the Scout GPS instead of the more intelligent GPS and it’s a pain in the ass to use. We brought it to Toyota just so they teach us how to use it and even to this day it stops working time to time.

Jonathan Flores says:


parot161 s says:

Just purchased a 2018 Mazda 6. Great car, but no Apple CarPlay. Is it available as a software download, or would I need to get a whole new unit installed. Apologies in advance if you covered this in yourreview and I missed it.

Davin Peterson says:

How come this is not available for the Corolla and what about Android Auto? I prefer Android over Apple

笑笑小视频 says:

So the 2018 Camry doesn’t have Apple car play? But it has Entune 3.0

Kathy Miller says:

I just purchased a 2019 Avalon. I think it is pretty “cheesy” of Toyota to charge for maps, remote car start, etc. I understand the Wi-Fi from Verizon but the others???? Come on Toyota, don’t be so cheap. BTW – I thought your video was very informative.

Kathryn Kleinman says:

I got my 2019 C-HR 3 months ago, and I love it. I watched your video on the car many times, and found it very helpful. This is also helpful, but can you explain how to go back and forth from Entune to Apple CarPlay? I appreciate what I’ve learned from you.

godwhomismike says:

If this is not in the 2019 Tacoma, I will be getting a ’19 Chevy Colorado instead.

PantherPanda says:

I just purchased a 2018 RAV4 with Entune. I see the software can be updated. Will an update allow me to get Apple CarPlay?

Frank G says:

Is XM traffic available with this system? Thanks

FlyCaster says:

Not in tune

Kevin Kim says:

Do you know if 2018 sienna will get a CarPlay near future as an upgrade?

Hamid Ghazi says:

The beep sounds reminds me of 80s

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