Toyota Entune l Scout GPS Link | Toyota

The Entune app suite pairs directly with the Scout GPS Link app on your mobile device which makes for a well guided, hassle free drive.


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Toyota Entune l Scout GPS Link | Toyota


Richard R. Smith says:

Scout GPS Link is all 2018 Camry owners can get on forty
thousand dollar car supposedly bragging on its telematics if you do not want to
buy 6 cylinder.  That is the only NAV
which works with Entune 3.0.  Entune 3.0
does NOT support Android Auto, Google Maps, Waze, Google Play Music, Amazon
Music, nor Apple CarPlay.  It is a dirty
little secret about the 2018 Camry that no one but we owners ever brings
up.  Everyone fluffs over this.  It is HUGE.  Entune comes bundled with Scout for GPS
navigation. Scout is not nearly as capable as either Google Maps or Waze.
Initial routes take a long time then rerouting because of traffic or a missed
turn frequently fails. Also, the U.S. version of Scout GPS Link doesn’t support
Canadian maps.  The biggest problem is
that Scout GPS Link loses connection to the 2018 Camry requiring drivers to
pull over and reenter the destination repeatedly to arrive onsite.  It’s awful. 
  You can NOT use the navigation
on a forty thousand dollar 2018 Camry 4 cylinder nor 2018 Camry Hybrid.  How sad is that that we have to band together
as owners to try to tell Toyota that only to have it fall on deaf ears ?  Toyota requires me to load and run two (2)
apps Entune 3.0 AND Scout GPS Link to have NAV on 2018 Camry without 6
cylinders yet no one really tells anyone that. 
How can you talk about the car and leave that out ?  Load 2 apps ask directions and it sends me
across a creek in an open field to get to the destination or quits midstream reenter
it and still can’t get us to the location. 
Simply awful.  What is worse is
that Toyota has a great embedded NAV they charge $ 525 on 4 cylinder 2018
Corolla and $ 940 on 6 cylinder 2018 Camry. 
Forty thousand dollars and we can not add that.  Do you really want to know what I really want
to say about that ?  Everyone has
problems with the Scout GPS Link NAV.  If
I want 4 cylinder or hybrid for gas mileage, why are there no choices there
then Toyota for a reliable NAV ?  Are you
that stupid Toyota ?  I guess that answer
is OBVIOUS.  You can not even get a CD
player on your radio on a forty thousand dollar 2018 Camry unless you buy the 6
cylinder.  Who wants that ?  32 mpg highway vs 41 mpg highway other 4
cylinder 2018 Camry and 39 mpg highways XSE 2018 Camry with Lamborghini front
end – BUT NO cd player and NO embedded NAV unless you buy ONLY  a 6 cylinder. Jesus Christ that is DUMB
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.  And Honda
Accord 2018 has no proper back-up camera with no model Accord 2018 having what
every other car does and that is no panoramic bird’s eye view 360 degrees
surround view with perimeter scan.  How
EITHER of these manufacturer’s THINK for one damn moment that they can GET AWAY
with these GLARING whiffs in technology 2018 model year is BEYOND me.  Both are a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.  Both are kicking Detroit’s ass with these
telematics and Accord leaves off the bird’s eye view camera while Camry leaves
off ANY embedded NAV unless you ONLY buy a 6 cylinder.  FOOLS.


Apple CarPlay is TOTALLY unusable as navigation on SEVERAL
LEVELS.  (1) Apple CarPlay maps are an
utter joke and completely unusable on a daily basis. I downloaded their maps
and no one could possibly use them. (2) Apple CarPlay requires my data connection
to be up the entire time I am trying to use Apple CarPlay whereas here in
Atlanta every carrier has data dead zones meaning Apple CarPlay or ANY OTHER
app running on a cell phone would lock-up freeze quit working and require me to
reenter my destination every time Apple CarPlay lost connection to my cellular
carrier data plan.  Apple CarPlay is a
huge data user which is why you must connect to your USB port because there is
so much data that Bluetooth can not handle all the data Apple CarPlay uses.  This app scored one star 1.  Go read the reviews.  Quit with the LIES about this Honda Accord
2018.  In order to restart Apple CarPlay
Honda Accord 2018 requires you STOP pull over to the side and make the wheels
quit moving and you will be doing that CONSTANTLY.  Honda Accord 2018 has a great NAVIGATION
program built-in embedded but like all Honda Accord you have to buy the right
Accord the Touring with the head up display and NAVIGATION.  Then when you get directions, you do NOT need
the data to stay connected and you do NOT need to look over way over by the
passenger to see CarPlay working ONLY on the display which is part of the
infotainment center.  Embedded NAV on the
Honda Accord 2018 Turbo Touring with the 6 inch head up display lets you see on
the windscreen what Apple CarPlay can ONLY play over on the head unit display
by the passenger.  This is EXACTLY where
you should NOT be looking while driving way over by the passenger on the
infotainment center display.  You know
?  That stupid silly-looking tablet
pop-up display like it was an afterthought – not an integral part of the design
of the dashboard of the 2018 Accord.

Vaughn R says:

Toyota needs to improve this fast – it is really bad.

Cycad Sonic says:

Can Toyota makes an offline navigator app by using SD maps file? It’s all that simple! Or a car app that uses the phone gps by transfer the latitude and longitude to the car navigator app with map file on SD card! Is that hard?

Robert Wise says:

The reason that this app has gotten so many views is that people cannot believe how badly this system works. Integrated navigation with Entune Premium is better but still gives weird routes and poorer guidance than Google, Waze, Apple, or Garmin. After a lot of trials, my default is to turn off Bluetooth and use a CD-slot car mount with Google Maps on my cell. This disables hands free calling, but the Android Auto App (OK Google) on the phone is a reasonable substitute. Another solution is to allow Bluetooth for calls and enterainment but buy a Garmin with a cupholder or CD slot mount. Toyota is really losing a lot of sales on this and probably will go to Apple Play in 2019 — hopefully they will re-program legacy models for ApplePlay and Android Play to keep up with Honda.

Cheng-kou Tongkhuya says:

they should say, you don’t need THIS if you already have a integrated Navigation sysyem in your radio. This is for non premium emtune.

Watson Koh says:

So old fashion – UI

Jeff Tanenbaum says:

Toyota is a POS tech company. Their cars are reliable and that’s about the it. Owned a Lexus and the infotainment system was better in low end American cars. Toyota is finally letting carplay into their cars. If you plan on owning a recent car purchase. Find the headunit used or new and dump the scout system. They should be ashamed to put out such a POS in this day and age and are ripping off consumers by selling it as valuable.

doublewillow1 says:

at 7:01 Wow, make 3 turns on Unnamed Road without seeing the map. How could you possibly do that!!!!!

Tony Vella says:

Love the 2018 Camry XSE V6 but the GPS app. is crap … every week or 2 I need to delete and reinstall . As it stops working .

Amateur Redneck Workshop says:

So how do you adjust the volume of the guidance? The lady sounds like she is talking through a sock and not very loud. Like Justin Suter I was disappointed to find that I did not have built in guidance, just an iphone app. And I know of others who are even more disappointed.

William Crews says:

Oh, and by the way, better have the vehicle in park when you input addresses, lol. Toyota, WTH? I love my Tundra, but don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining. The Scout/Entune combo sucks. I’ll just use my phone for GPS as I have been for years and hear it through my speakers; maybe.

Larry Friske says:

Everything said about the etune system is true, it sucks compared to a thousand other systems

Debbie218 says:


Aldi Palucio says:

where is the stupid map??????

Gino20202 says:

This horrendous app for navigation (what a joke) was the deciding factor in me not buying a new 4Runner. I went with a Mazda CX-9 instead. I can’t believe how terrible this navigation system is. I highly suggest trying it before you buy!

Aldi Palucio says:

is this a joke this is 2017 this GPS is garbage it would be better not to put any gps.

Ronniel Marange says:

i have a question

Junio bohol says:

Garmin is the name..

skandalo says:

garbage app…

Cesar Aguilar says:

Can I install/use this app with my 2018 CH-R?

William Wright says:

This navigation system is an insult to auto buyers.When I used my garnin my wife would input into the GPS while we were traveling.–Now I must stop the car to input–This is a real rip-off. Buy another brand of car. I like to make my own decisions regarding safety, I don’t need a auto company making the decision.

oldgoldtop says:

I have ’14 Avalon LTD with Entune. The Bing app works fairly well to search by voice for specific things like any search engine. I like getting both contact info and destination info buttons to either call or navigate. The navigation built in POI has not been as useful to me. But my phones S Voice and GoogleNow seem much easier to use using simple, single line voice commands. I am sorry Toyota/Lexus have not integrated Android Auto. Entune has frequintly been unreliable and cumbersome. It has also been ery slow but perhaps newer models may have improved processing.
I understand Android Auto is now offering a stand alone app that is supposed to work in many displays that do not have it built in and will work oer Bluetooth on Android 5.0 and above! I am very interested!

Paul Shapiro says:

I think I have figure it out the hard way. You get turn by turn directions either 1) using the integrated navigation if you have Entune Premium -OR – 2) using the Scout GPS Link if (and only if) you have the less premium Entune Audio Plus. Scout GPS Link can not be used if you have Entune Premium. (scroll down to Navigation)

I agree with Eddie that the Scout GPS Link seems better than the built in navigation in the Entune Premium systems (but I will try to learn to use the built in Navigation).

Eddie Jordan says:

Great app! Unlike the other 2 comments below,I believe they should have looked at there vehicle a little better before posting bad reviews,its not Entunes fault neither of you failed to check to see what scout actually was…anyways. The scout guidance is better in a lot of ways .For instance if you ever need to update your maps with standard navigation you must purchase a disc which can run as much as $300.00 but the normal is around 175.00. With scout,simply update the database and boom,done. I also think the voice is just as clear as the rest of the system so not sure why there sound is garbled but i assume its user error. The scout app is great and I looked into it FIRST as soon as i found that is what my vehicle came with and overall prefer it over the standard one.The app is easy to use and has all the features the stock navigation has and i find it more useful for another tip , say you punch in an address,scout will bring up options for that address is there are more than 1 possibility for you to choose then it will give you up to 3 different routes with traffic information (standard navi doesn’t do that) I hope my review helps you out.

Derin Patterson says:

this is ridiculous. get android or apple carplay and be done with it toyota.

HxC_Fragman Hype says:

I have GPS built in. why would I use this and use my phone data? lmfao!! Plus service sucks where I am at. GPS should be just off gps in phone and location settings. Not data. Pure trash.

Bob Chang says:

As a master sales reps with cs background. From factory and buyer point. This apps. are missing the last screen showing map with your location and the target like WAZE … need the update Apps A.S.A.P.
Also please ask them to fix to the choice for the different sound!
plus language choice will be even better.
Scout GPS Link should be able to update it with the one more page just to show the map on the background ! TOYOTA should not accept the APPs with uncompleted function !!
PLEASE have the problem fix A.S.A.P. otherwise is a joke for the Apps is worthless !!

More To Living says:

This is just embarrassing toyota.

My entune on my 2016 tacoma is just pathetic. You hear me… pathetic as in with a capital J that stands for junk. To think that this would have been a selling point.

First time I sat in the truck at dealership a dealer told me that this truck has traffic app.

Why the hell can’t I zoom in? I mean seriously… jesus effing christ… Why do I need to know traffic on an interstate scaled to half a state for roads that are 50+ miles away from me. I need LOCAL TRAFFIC you blabbering fools.

As in zoomed in to local level damnit.

I can’t believe that you failed this bad.

You can’t load anything to the darn thing. You can’t do anything with the darn thing and even to use navigation I need to bend over backwards. Umm… how about I just ask siri to give me directions or use google maps on my iphone and be done with it in a second.

I should be given a refund for the useless etune you put in the truck.

A 2006 minivan came with a navigation system. In 2016 toyota released what is equivalent of a very expensive piece of crap.

This thing is useless… right down to automatically starting my music every time I enter truck. I don’t want it to start automatically.

I better stop before I upset myself even more.

Carl Bird says:

This piece of garbage GPS scout is the reason I am not buying a Camry. I like the interior and exterior styling, but this is literal trash.

Bin Truong says:


Monica Rodriguez says:

How to use in toyota camry se 2016 ?

Justin Suter says:

Very disappointed with the Toyota Entune l Scout GPS Link. Thought I was getting the full Entune Advanced HD on me new Special Addition Camry 2016 like I had on my old 2012 SE… These cars really should come standard with that feature!! Ver very bummed!!

Mar Roble Cars says:

How to use 2017 Scout GPS Link app on Lexus Video =>

Jenbug0421 says:

I was going to get purchase a
2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6 but since built it navigation within the eTune system is not available. I’m NOT purchasing it, major deal breaker. This scout navigation is useless. When is Toyota going to get it together?

Jan Edling says:

Why can’t we see a map of where we’re going???? Once we enter a destination all we get are text directions? I don’t understand. Entune navigation shows you a map at the beginning. So we know it can show maps. Why resort to strictly text directions.

Queen Paris II says:

Okay, my mother just upgraded from a 2006 Toyota Sienna Limited to a 2017 Toyota Sienna XLE and her old Toyota had built in navigation and now her new more expensive car needs this? Wow. I should have bought her a car myself. smh.

Stan Kupisz says:

Unbelievably useless and the salesman at Erdman Toyota on Merritt Island misled me completely. If you can get it linked to your phone, BIG IF, it will disconnect within 15 seconds. Absolute crap.

Gayle Coston says:

Entune may herald the downfall of Toyota. The inability to connect a smartphone directly to a car’s display system is an abomination. Additionally, the various grades of the app (Plus, Premium) are not often explained fully by Toyota sales staff.

doublewillow1 says:

This is by far the WORST navigation app. Period!

omerio100 says:

The system is not working on apple iphones and usb connection, Toyota has nothing to say but lies on their website.

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