Waze for Android Auto | Hands-On

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Antonio Zamudio says:

What a weird way to hold the steering wheel.

Adam Graham says:

cop function is like a radar i don’t have to install

k.v.Narasimha Murthy says:

apple has no maps it uses google maps.

Raghu Ram says:

No voice integration? Like seriously? How can you not get distracted if you have to type everything?

RedReign says:

Thanks Waze for new modern cop radar. It has been fantastic so far.

Randy Lo says:

Wel l you actually can find out gas prices, You just have to dig alittle deeper than in that station than you normally would.

Luca Stronks says:

Yeah Waze for Auto should really come with a speedometer. How else am I going to know how fast I’m driving? Oh, wait. The dashboard.

MrSurvival2 says:

Now make one for Apple CarPlay!

Andy Sanchez says:

Hey dude, you need to watch your video and realize how many seconds you are not watching the road…..wow

Gregory Krisa says:

I miss having the speed limit show on waze

Noah Damoose says:

Bring it to apple

Adson Alcantara says:


Steve J. Tan says:

Wait hold on. How does download it ? To our phone ? Waze Android Auto version ? Use the car’s GPS to download? How ?!
Couldn’t find it anywhere

Wei Liu says:

this is a hands on video???

Michael Bergman says:

I don’t understand why they won’t let the Auto version tell me where I parked. I can’t describe the added convince that would provide during the countless times I’ve sat in my car and wondered where I parked.

JONNPODY 6 says:

how well does this tell you if theres a cop

klenzgaming says:

why in the f would i need Android Auto to tell me where my car is parked when I’m in the car?

Ramsey L says:

San Francisco

Dave Brewmaster says:

I want the Uber partner app for android car 🙁

sondengehen says:

From where get´s the car the gps datas if the mobilephone is plugged in the USB down in the car?

michael hartman says:

hmmmmm… i wonder why Waze already has an Android Auto app? it can’t have anything to do with Waze being bought out by Google. lol

Mark Spott says:

Guess people like you just like to press buttons and become mesmerized by the visuals of the display. You mentioned a reroute or alternate routes…Waze like others DON’T OFFER ANY REAL CHOICES! Yeah, it can offer to take you to another freeway that might be 4 miles away. But what about just avoiding a traffic situation that’s on your route (say due to road work for the next 1 or 2 miles) and all you want to do is go down the side streets
just to avoid the stop and go on the main route. Why can’t you just put in reroute OFF THIS STREET FOR 1 MILE ONLY…so it takes you down the side streets, residential streets until you clear the traffic issue. Waze, Google Maps don’t offer this SIMPLE feature. They always want to take you onto another freeway period.

MEDiAgamer says:

This will make me want to come back to Android!

John Davis says:

I hope we will get full waze later on. Speed and voice is crucial

bahhaziz says:

Can I install it on my car Android headunit and get it work without internet connection?

Andrew DeFaria says:

I think Waze sucks actually. Here’s some things that I discovered while beta testing Waze on AA:

1. Alerts; Rarely get them – even when I can clearly see it on the map. Most times what they say is there isn’t there. Can you say false sense of security – sure you can.

2. Waze does not tell me what lane I need to be in for an exit on multi-laned highway. GM does and it’s very useful when when you got 7 lanes to cross…

3. Route display: Waze’s is poor. You see 3 cards with a line below them and then their traffic/construction icons. No way to tell where exactly the traffic is along your route. With GM the map shrinks down and you see 3 different routes color coded for traffic and with an indication if it’s 10 minutes slower or 4 minutes slower for routes B and C.

4. Really don’t need Waze advertising to me to stop and get a burger at a red light…

Edit: Additional observations…

I just got back from driving from San Diego to Carmel for Tommy Emmanuel’s Guitar Camp (with Joe Satriani holding his own camp at the same facility!). So I thought I’d run Waze one way and Google Maps the other way. Sorry to say but I had to stop using Waze! In addition to the above:

5. Does not apparently support multiple stops. So y ou’re driving and say search for “Denny’s nearby”. It finds it and sets a route for the one you select – and then discards your current route! Just damn forgets it. I mean yes it’s in a recents list but it did not add your stop at Denny’s as an additional stop!

6. It draws a horrible map! When driving say on I-5 here in California, it’ll zoom out which is OK. But the route drawn on the map then gets about 3 times thicker than when you are zoomed in and it looks like crap. Doesn’t seem to zoom in properly when a turn is upcoming and if you zoom in to try to fix the too fat for it’s own good line it’ll just zoom out some time later.

7. I occasionally lose the route if I say stop at 7-11 and take my phone with me.

Wish I could report this to the Waze Beta time but something screwed up when I signed up and of course they don’t respond to email…

Sorry Waze but I’m not impressed at all! I’ll stick with Google Maps…

peter lee says:

Waze is the best

Benturkey says:

why would you need the app to tell you where you parked while you’re driving? 😛

Ara Melkizian says:

Crowd source

Tondakes Wah says:

sorry off topic, hard to focus watching this video, im distracted with his crotch. by the way he is cute guy. my opinion only.

Rebecca Campbell says:

The major problem with Waze is that you can only go on a 1000 Mile Journey before you have to restart or begin a journey from that point on where is Google Maps you can undo an entire circle of the United States in one sitting you don’t have to change it every thousand miles

D Jaquith says:

You lost me at see ‘other’ Waze drivers. No thanks, they need to disable that creepy feature.

MustangTogunner says:

i have this and it lags i will make a video about it

ShadowWarrior114 says:

About time, though I still prefer Google Maps

José Quintero says:

you don’t need a speedmeter on waze for android auto because you have one on your car

Emmanuel Diaz says:

u shouldn’t have to use a gps to get to work lol

Samuel Brooks says:

You should not hold your steering wheel like that. You’re not a chav and it gives poor car control.

ChrisWEEZ says:

I enjoy using Waze on my phone, but I’ve found the experience on Android Auto to be laggy compared to Google Maps. For that reason alone, I’ve relegated myself to Google Maps.

Peter Cramp says:

Is there an option for avoiding tolls? Can’t figure that out. Or does it do whatever the phone app is set to?

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