Today I am talking about which scan to buy. What automotive scan tool buy is a pretty hard question to answer.

ONE AUTO – OWNER OF A AUTO REPAIR SHOP IN ENGLAND https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVE_KtbuMPWoCbHtSG-9GjA
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Blazer02LS says:

Autel MaxiSys MS906TS Covers a LOT more than most of the other tools. This version has a wireless connection to the vehicle and does TPMS as well. If you don’t care about TPMS or having a wireless vehicle link the MS906 is the same tool.

One big thing is to look at the way the tool works OFFLINE. There are a few out there that won’t work unless they can connect online to verify the tool and make sure you are current in your subscription.

Paul M. says:

I have a Pegysis, Verus and Verus Pro, Maxidas 708 and Maxisys 908. The Pegisys’ bluetooth quit working on me after a couple years so now it has to stay docked, the Verus and the Pro are working just fine after several years use, the 708 quit on me after a couple years, I’ve only had the 908 for about 6 months but so far so good. I would say it’s whatever your use to using and can use it well. Personally i like the Verus only because although it was my second scan tool purchase I am most comfortable with using all of it’s features and i believe it has the most features. Of course it also has the highest price but i picked up one used for a very reasonable price. Now i’m looking at the Launch x431 Pro3 just to have more weapons in my arsenal to fight against vehicle mortality. I also have had the Ford IDS still do but my vcm quit on me after a couple years. China clone. go figure. Anyway hope this helps and love your vids.

The Disgruntled Mechanic says:

I have the Autel MaxiDAS DS708. It has done all that I want it to do. But I don’t use it a whole lot.

Paul & Kathy Short says:

Everything we have is OTC in scan gear including TPMS. It’s always been reliable and worked as planned. Pricy though.

shovelhead8 says:

If I ever need to buy a scan tool I will contact you first. Thank you for the video, Stever

Ozzstar says:

Spending a small fortune on a scan tool only makes sense if you can use it enough to pay for itself. The Autel 708 isnt that cheap but does a lot for what it is.

Helga's Pennsylvania Cooking says:

Steve, you keep on keeping on doing what you do. I know way more about scan tools than I ever thought I would, LOL, sorta like osmosis! But for basics, Mike’s seems just fine.

Bullshitkorner says:

mine is the Matco maxme, I like only because you can subscribe monthly instead of paying yearly for everything.

Vaughn Dibble says:

otc encore

Ad Free Content says:

great review

wyattoneable says:

“Look at this guys, oh I can’t show you”. You crack me up. I don’t want to be a self promoter, but I sent you a sticker months ago. Did you get it? Your right, Paul’s channel cost me money every time I watch! Great video Steve, I enjoyed it.

chase5726 says:

I have a snap on solus pro. Its the older version, I wanna say i got it back in 2010 or there about. it has the snap on troubleshooter program that can help sometimes and It will also do injector buzz test on alot of the diesels and will let you disable cylinders and other stuff depending on the vehicle.

DE Nichols says:

This was your first vid where you made a vid off of a comment? Very interested now and I was already dying to watch this when I was watching your last vid. 🙂 Auto Enginuity just freeze up? Very annoying. Sorry man. While Matt uses it, he didn’t recommend it in his similar type of vid so that’s an honest representation.

Thank you to both of you. Haha. This sat on my computer over night unfinished. Just woke up brother. Good morning to you! 🙂

MechanicMan says:

SnapOn, Paul, and Kathy Short Channel and a cold Wells IPA pretty much is my list of winners right there.

Joseph Tucci says:

IMHO A solus pro from EBAY with latest update  Good vid friend!

ZIGgassedUP says:

I use a big LAUNCH X431 scanner but I prefer the G-Scan 2..It’s smaller,quicker and has more options.

Channel 33 with Spongie says:

I use my Smart phone it tell’s me everything I just google it. aha Spongie note haha nice!

Thomas EXOVCDS says:

Sorry… I can’t pick just one (that explains why I’m still single)!

farmboy30117 says:

Beer and channel stickers make life fun 😉  Good vid Steve!

billmck12345 says:

hey steve rob. i think the maxisys scan tool line would be your best choice. if you want a smaller screen; maxisys mini(ms905) or the 10 inch screen maxisys(ms908). they have a newer lineup ms906, ms906bt, ms906ts but i havn’t seen any vids showing use. autel also has a user forums i’v followed for almost 3 years to read the good, bad, and ugly. so i know the system pretty well. some may wonder why one would need so many scanners. i work on euro, Asian,  so one brand scanner might be super with Asian but real slow with euro. or, one scanner good for domestic might be missing a needed function that another scanner has. to sum it up coverage!. steve is you need any info just let me know

South Main Auto Repair says:

Launch X431 Launch Pad

Valerie Reese says:

I agree that youtube is a wonderful community. Where else would someone sit and listen to someone talk for 12 minutes on something they have no interest in…………LOL. The only thing i can is paperwork, but I’ll watch anyway. Have a great day.

Adam King says:

Hi Steve
have a look at this
its a new scan tool here in the uk.
it is cloud based so you will need wifi. But it is affordable full function diagnostics that can be pay as you go.
a few vids on you tube about to.

stuzman says:

Great video Steve to get feedback from others out there using scanners and what they like. As for the Autoengenuity, I purchased their basic scanner a few years back. It worked reasonably well, and I didn’t have any complaints with it. Then with the newer updates, there were connections problems. I called them up and talked to one of their guys about the connection issues. He said there was no reprogramming of that section and that I needed to try another car. I pointed out to him that it worked fine with the car I had and now it doesn’t. Long story short, it didn’t get resolved and I was the idiot. I had another case where a Dodge Charger had the check engine light on. I hooked it up and their scanner said there was no codes. I went down to Advance Auto Parts, and with their scanner, it had an oil pressure sending unit code. Since then, I haven’t used the thing since and do not recommend their products. Keep up the good work!

PAPA Texas says:

The dizz go fishing with it, lol. Save my spot! I am going to add something that I think you have never had before. Will make for interesting talk for you. I have never owned a scan tool. I just go up to Auto Zone and they check it for free. Thanks for the video Steve, Steve Rob! It’s PAPA, PAPA Texas!

One Auto, says:

WOW Thanks for the shout out & your support Steve! In answer to your question I have the Autel MaxiSys MS908 (the same as Eric) & I think it’s a great ‘all-rounder’. If I was a DIYer looking to buy a professional tool I would buy the new Autel MaxiSys MS906 which is it’s ‘little brother’. The only differences I can see is that it’s smaller, it has a wired connection & not a Bluetooth VCI. Its also about £700 cheaper over here. But hey I have a Launch code reader similar to yours that has helped me out massively over the years.
Thanks again buddy – Rob 🙂

MyHotRodTV says:

I use an Actron Pocket Scan, code reader, then look the code up on the computer, then let the shop fix it whit I drink beer.

Gator's World says:

thanks for the shout out Steve,,,I can`t help ya with the scan deal ….All I have is OBD2 and I think I still have this dwell angle for the points and in the old days a Market scanner…..but this was the size of a big tool box…old school and i`m still stuck in the inches and pounds and forget this metric sh.t….good vid Bill …..keep up the good work and a big SALUTE your way

billmck12345 says:

hey steve rob what pico scope do ya have

udizzy1969 says:

I love free things brother, Your such a great friend. Thank you and I never had one of them before, Hope she works for me. Cheers my friend Steve. The Dizzy One

MostlymoparIH says:

I have a scan tool but don’t use it on my cars as my cars give me the codes. I turn the key on three times and the trip odometer gives me the codes. Nice savings aye?

BOWSTAR Channel says:

enjoyed this video, very interesting

CutePatzie says:

Awesome! Do continue what you’re doing because you’re great in this Please check my channel and if you like it maybe subscribe!

UCanDoIt2 says:

Steve,  For my scan tool, I have two Wireless solutions (Android and iOS).  1) For my Android phone, I use a $13 Bluetooth Dongle (http://amzn.to/2jd2mgA) and a $5 App called Torque.  I can pull and clear codes.  I can see several graphs (Accel, Revs, Throttle, Speed, Boost, Coolant, and others).  Because it is Application based, the software supplier can make upgrades and continue to provide new visual tools to display PCM data.  We also have similar iOS based solutions.  2) My sons have iPhones, so for Christmas they received Dongles ($20 – http://amzn.to/2jBSWb6) and for some reason they are WIFI devices and not Bluetooth.  The software that they use is something other than Torque, but also provides graphs and the ability to reset codes.  I am not a fan of the Auto Parts shop Car scanners and their archaic interface.   I will try to put up a video soon with an overview.  Cheers Buddy!

billmck12345 says:

oh…i almost forgot. that was a great vid

wysetech2000 says:

WoW!! That’s a loaded question, Steve. It’s kinda like buying a car, stove or a washing machine. You want the most and best features for what you can afford to spend. All of the scan tools i use now are getting dated but from what i see and hear the Snap On is the best but also the most expensive. I usually grab the Autel as my first choice. It’s not quite as user friendly as a Snap On but most everything is there. The graphing part kinda sucks but you have a Pico so that’s not a problem. It has many good features for the cost such as bi-directional and some key programming etc. I don’t think you would ever use everything that it has to offer. You can download and install updates yourself online for a reasonable cost when needed.

wtbm123 says:

Loaded question . I have a love hate relationship with my Solus Ultra .I am on my second one , But i did drop first one and dented the screen. I replaced the ultra with another new ultra. I have more time on Snap on ones than other brands , so real hard to judge . The ultra is nice , has a wire to connect to the car , and no keys needed. If you want Euro cars software you have to buy extra and adds to the update cost. For the times quick info is needed , Snap on trouble shooter is great. The price is high on the ultra compared to others. The Autel , even the old 708 i think it was , would prob be good . Have not tried one so can not say much on them . OTC Encore , i looked at also . I also think it would be a great tool. I considered all 3 brands when replacing my scan tool. I wish i could use a new Encore and see how they are now first hand . I went back to snap on , but prob more because all my other modern scan tools were and i was used to them . Updates are something to look at also. I have heard others say the Autel is buggy on by directional functions , but others say they are good . Most of the time i am happy with my ultra , but think i could be happy with any of the three . Now that i have said nothing worth while i wil sit back and see which one you buy

DriveShaft Drew says:

autec is the one i got but wish i had the snapon cant afford it lol

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