What Dashcam Should You Buy?

Buying a dashcam seems like a simple matter of just sticking a camera on your dash, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that!

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Steve Moore says:

He knows nothing about dashcams

Edokun90 says:


Accolade Awarded says:

…………..UPDATE: This is a terrible video, as it gives no realistic info as to what features you should and should not have in a dash cam, . First of all NEVER get a dash cam that has an internal battery. ALL internal batteries fail after 12-18 months. It’s the nature of Li-Po’s to wear out in that amount of time. Get a dash cam that uses super capacitors only. Secondly, NEVER buy a dash cam that records your speed (GPS)….and third, 1080P is perfectly fine.

Gale Phorse says:

Another suggestion is to make sure the dashcam can survive the harsh environment of where you live. For example: if you live in a place where it gets over 120+F in your vehicle then you need to know if the cam can handle said heat. Unlike my car horn… The thing melted just sitting there on the driveway.


USA does not ALLOW filming… Gov Simply has no right to tell us we Cant 😀 they tried… and lost.

Frank Pacheco says:

I learned nothing. thanks for wasting my time

Omar Hussein says:

If your on the fence about this just get one. Its like insurance you pay for once

Falgun Patel says:

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Ted T says:

Title should be: “General Gay Bullshit That Your Granny May Want to Hear about Dash Cams”.

Josh Torres says:

So I came here looking for dash cam options. Got none, instead I got told what razors to buy. Next

DJ ATL says:

No help at all.

Mark Bennett says:

Lame…no review, just jibber-jabbering, followed by a shameful infomercial about buying a razor.


sorry its no trust for police LOL…. and wrecks. BUT MOSTLY POLICE

James Dukes says:

Thank you so much for this video
I have a article about some recommended Car Dash Camera, if you are looking for one then don’t miss it : http://bit.ly/2yUXO42

mechanic1756 says:

Great video . Thanks . How about the new introduced Toyota Genuine Dash video Camera .

djwestbrook36 says:

yo why does every dash cam have a fish eye lens! how do we find a simple high quality dash without fish eye lens.

Cool16 says:

I might buy a dash cam for my mom. She only speaks Spanish and is really horrible at English even though she is trying to learn. So if someone tries to screw her over like the people in the video and take advantage of her not speaking English their ass will be toast for sure. Lolol

galaxy says:

Shaving my dash cam !!

Alec Grolimond says:

I have a 2K VIOFO A119 and am impressed with the video and quality of the camera. I installed two in my wife’s Isuzu pickup and my Corolla. In Thailand it is better to have a dash cam. Plus, I have GPS positioning and speed. Furthermore, there are three warnings, lane change and collision avoidance which is in my opinion are not so good and more of a distraction that I have disabled however it does have a very good feature that detects impact G-force detection that works well and saves and makes read only the files that will not be over written unless you format the card or intentionally delete the files using a PC. My wife sometimes slams the door of her Isuzu and it saves the file and write protects it. This allows me to complain and bitch 🙂

J Z says:

one thousand dislike?! what did you do

mike cole says:

It is like watching an American Man teach you how to do something, you end up getting so bored you figure it out for yourself but cant tell him in case you offend him, I gave up watching at 0;1;000, too hard too follow and no result if you watch to the end!!

Frank Franklyn says:

WTF has ‘Dollar Shave Club’ got to do with dash-cams?  There are enough adverts wherever you go these days; this is one that’s unnecessary.  I didn’t come here to be considered to be ‘open’ to advertising fodder which, even if I had Youtube Red, I would *still have to endure in-film advertising* I unfortunately landed here; I won’t fall for this again.

*[Edit:  I just noticed the down-thumbs on this and I completely understand why that is]*

Ian Pedlar says:

To paraphrase Techquickie’s rant here, he’s saying “I don’t know what dashcam you should buy, I didn’t bother to research it, but buy this shaving stuff and I’ll make some money”

Cedric M says:

Wow. I see Germany still has some Nazi ruling, in it’s country. Performing suppression, using “privacy” as a mask.

Michael Caplan says:

ripoff clickbait just a big ad for razors


Three most important factors to choose Good Dash Cam – 1. At least FHD1080P Video Resolution; 2. Support WDR/HDR Night Vision Recording; 3. No more than USD20!

TwisT says:

Kangaroos are assholes..

DJ F says:

LISTEN UP PEOPLE;;;  DO NOT , EVER, EVER, TELL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY THAT YOU ARE UTILIZING A DASH CAM. .  THE SMALL DISCOUNT IS   > NOT <   worth the small discount, and could quite possibly turn the tables  on >YOU< !  The camera alone could be the best witness against YOU. . .   Just get the D C that will swivel to focus on a criminal or  Law enforcement Officer asking you questions. . .  Buy the best one you can afford. .

Ebony Hayes says:

DONT BUY THE CAMERA THAT HAS A CAMERA FACING INWARD- self incrimination, the attorney/court has the power to gather ALL evidence and they will twist it to incriminate you!

Vijay Bhaskar says:

useless video.. misleading title.

Brad Marley says:

wutta dBag! title should be “I am advertising crap that has nothing to do with DashCams and only pose questions to ask b4 Buying Dashcam”

Michael Smith says:

Pointless….should be titled “considerations when buying a Dash Cam”.

red32303 says:

Have bought 5 dash cams. None worked as advertised. Four Falcon Zero 360’s defective out of box. One GiiNii GD188X that won’t stick to windshield

liviyabags says:

WTF ..Why Linus’s lips are pink … does he apply some lipstick ? 😛 😀

Terry Best says:

You look like the golfer Charles Howell III

Brian Spruill says:

fucking idiot

Rick T says:

I watched your video based on you misleading title… Very disappointed!

Victor Herrera says:

dashcam 360 its better nigh vision

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