Why You Should NOT Buy Car Parts At AutoZone O’reilley Auto Parts or Advanced Auto parts


Why You Should NOT Buy Car Parts At AutoZone Oreilley Auto Parts or Advanced Auto parts, in this video I tell why you should try not to buy parts at your local auto parts store and shop more on eBay and amazon and why you should be buying car parts and supplies at Walmart eBay and amazon instead

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Bloodthirsty Vegan says:

Yeah, Crock Auto not an option either, buy 5 items, they’ll ship in 5 boxes and charge each time.

NBSA playbook says:

Worst advice is to buy at Walmart – they dont get the same quality products you would get somewhere else. Walmart demands cheaper prices from it suppliers, forcing the supplier to make cheaper variants for specific sale at Walmart.

Paul M says:

I drive old vehicles and keep them running on the cheap by doing the work myself when I can. I’m not psychic like other people, so I can’t plan when my parts go bad. I’ve always gone to Napa, Autozone, and Orileys for my auto parts and have not had any major issues. They are auto parts, they go bad. Electrical parts are electrical, they may not work from the start – kind of like a TV or a lamp, life happens. Go back and exchange it. Don’t let it bother you. Fix your ride and drive on.

Aaron Kay says:

Theres nothing wrong with Advanced Auto parts and buying their stuff online, you usually get a 20% coupon, tough part is having what you need in stock.

John Moyer says:

home depot sells motor oil now.yes!

psychobilly says:

If your smart just don’t buy a BMW.. 😀

Audry Wise says:

It’s true what he’s saying. I went to Orielly’s to price some ignition coils for a v6 engine and they wanted almost 350 bucks. Went on Amazon saw the same coils for almost 70 for all 6 and they were oem. Don’t fool with these local auto parts stores. They’re literally ripping you off.

Bent Nickel says:

As consumers, we don’t have control over anything except what we pay for an item. Recently I needed an item for my Jeep. Advance wanted $40 (new) eBay wanted $17 with shipping. I went to my local junk yard and paid $3.00 Remember Radio Shack, Advance and all these parts stores don’t compete locally anymore. They’re competing with China and even Walmart can’t compete with China. Your O’Reilly’s, Auto Zone, etc. are being out priced daily, they’ll eventually go the way Radio Shack went.

Tom Edgar says:

Always look to see where they are made, stay away from Chinese parts including the oil filters

Zacarias Blanco says:

People buy @ auto zone because of the lifetime warranty but when the part fails in a couple years yes you a replacement but loose a day or two not going to work pay for labor again etc..going with OEM parts is more money but is worth every penny in the long run

bruce wayne says:

Thanks 4 the advice.

Mowac says:

All you needed to get your point across was about three minutes,…….the rest of the video is completely unnecessary.

austin meador says:

I disagree, I used to work at autozone, we only start out at $9 an hour, yes its Way more expensive. O reilys and advanced gets the same products all at the same time, just at different prices. Best prices I’ve seen are on 1aauto.com or autopsity.com

Pablo Lee says:

Thanks bro n keep it up

craig responds says:

I thought I would learn something here. Why do I keep making the same mistake over and over

brian stuart says:

and by the way don’t never never never never when you order online parts and you’re getting a great deal do not let them send them by regular mail or you will be f***** over bad you either do UPS or FedEx pay the money because your shitl end up getting lost in the f****** mail for 10 f****** days like it happened to me because Capitol Hill doesn’t run a very good mail service it’s almost like O’Reilly’s itself

Lyle Allred says:

Buy local it gives local people jobs!!!

Brian Samuels says:

BMW=Big Money Wasted!

commando602 says:

1A Auto

crazywomancreek1 says:

Wow! Your eyes are a beautiful BLUE!!!

turbinepower77 says:

Dude look at the lens not the little monitor!!!

Hardy Joe says:

They ordered wrong part, and in order to return it, a core charge had to be paid…

rodney abbey says:

What i took from this video is that bmw is unreliable

Dave Reiland says:

When I worked in Toyota parts and someone would say that something was available cheaper online, I’d tell them that everything in the parts room was available cheaper online. But it won’t come with a potentially vital thing……..ME! Buy from me and if there’s a problem with the part, I’ll make it right. Buy from shitnuts on ebay or wherever and good fucking luck if you have a legit warranty claim.

I worked in aftermarket parts for a long time too. Same deal as far as warranty claims were concerned. There are good aftermarket parts that are a good value and there is junk that you’ll regret buying. I advocate buying stuff that is good quality from a trustworthy parts guy, either aftermarket or OEM, and remember that the guy behind the parts counter could be your neighbor and isn’t always a booger eating punk who doesn’t have a clue.

TH3C001 says:

These days, whenever shit breaks on my truck I break out all my tools instead of my wallet and see if I can fix the part itself instead of buying the new part to fix the problem. Just recently the pulse board for my windshield wiper motor went out. I bought the new one as a plan B for $22. But I pulled the old one, read around on forums and watched YouTube and fixed the old board myself. Just had to reflow some solder.

What’s real fun is having no choice but to fix a part since its discontinued and nobody has it anymore, like the passenger airbag disable switch on my 97 Silverado. So fun!

mike white says:

Most of the time the parts you get from the dealership is expensive and going through Advanced Auto Zone. Even Napa is expensive.

MrJessesagearhead says:

Maybe you should buy a tri-pod from one of you fantastic parts suppliers and get the camera away from away from your face.

brian stuart says:

O’Reilly’s does nothing but give me the wrong Parts employee retards that don’t know what they’re doing and make your life miserable they’ve done this to me five or six times and I giving him a break everytime finally the six-time I told them to go get f***** one day I went in there and I told them I said look I need some oil now you can’t I told him you can’t f*** this up I need oil this is what I need I told them and I waited at the counter they went and bring me the wrong f****** oil totally different than what I asked I looked at them and I said well it looks like you’re going to be putting that back on the Shelf give me the right oil and when they went to get the next Oil I walked out the f****** door

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