Wish Introduces Automotive!


320speed says:

Where do you guys find these awesome mesmerising music??

Tutorials Ad & pc says:

wys tipes tablet

Анастасия Калаганская says:

Вы шарлатаны!

Obese Rage says:

You are fucking cancer of adds,go fuck yourself!!! Mother fuckers,im sick of your adds,who the cu k needs your useless shit,nobody!

Rosemary Samuel says:

Customers support please i am still waiting for your response concerning my items. I am losing my patience because the phones was supposed to be for Christmas gift.

vicces videók says:

Azt szeretném kérdezni hogy vanak azok a jutalom pontok azokat egy vásárlásnál fel lehet használni többször?

Grouch Brothers says:

U have annoyed me with ur fucking ads all over that I am going to do my best never to buy from u.

Maya Ortega says:

I did not get my packes

Justin Žekonis says:

Fuck your commercials

Chelsea Dias says:

I ordered king n queen jumper buh they charge me 4 jumper when i ordered only 2 they took extra money from me so now i hv to go in bank n short out my problem n report to wish

Walker Freeman says:

Fuck off with the damn add get better actors or some shit it’s so annoying having to sit through them for just even five seconds

TheBlue Gamer says:


Atti says:

I fucking hate wish ads.

Jessica Jones says:

I came here just for the ads cause I love singing along to the new ones

Philip Cam says:

The thing about wish I hate isn’t that bad… But wait my item is taking MORE THAN A MONTH to arrive and it just keeps getting longer so just keep the arrival time right for God sake!

Cyber TARDIS says:

Stop showing me your ads. It is harassment now.

funfetti playmobil's play!!! says:

Guys please stop hating on wish

Ata I'm says:

Why the Wish app not allow to ship in my country ? i’m form Cambodia in Asia

fra#cri 0#48 says:

con cosa paghi i tuo articoli che compri

Winny Dn says:

Por que minha compra na wish foi recusada se o boleto foi pago ? E como fazer pra ou resgatar o dinheiro ou te minha compra?

Anand Modi says:

I am Anand Modi from India.My order Id is 5a2f66055634a6487401dc4b.I had ordered on 12/12/2017.I had paid by credit card.My order automatically cancelled by Wish but I have not got my money back yet.Wish cheated with me.That is a fraud shopping app.

pollo20x6 says:

After seeing a Wish YouTube ad for the millionth time, I will never, ever, in my whole life, use Wish

Nordic George Costanza says:

fuck you

سعد الناصر says:

Very Important Very much Your visa card has been used from your website and a message from the bank has arrived that the card has been used at 2:04 am Note that I was sleeping at this time and this is the text of the message because there is not enough credit on your card 5525 Your order was not executed with ORDER WISH COM Your current balance is 13.96 To ask for help please call 920003344. You have to solve the problem because I started to fear my card was stolen. Unfortunately, I no longer trust you.

Useless Patrick says:

Worst app ever. Spent all my bitcoins on clash royale gems and now I sleep in the pfuusbus of pfarrer sieber

Twins boy Diallo says:

I hate wish I hate wish why I buy a drone then they send me a shoes I didn’t order it shoes I ordered drone what the f*** wrong with wish I don’t know how can I resend that package because I don’t need the shoes I need my drone or my money you better stop making video about wish this is a stupid app

SA0L Gaming says:

Stop with your stupid ad that is spam window when someone watches video

Teemo says:

Just got a package and it was a floating globe but that one that looked completely off to the one i ordered??

Austin Osgood says:

lament bealle joe⛾

Andres Cabrera says:

Wish is fucked with stupid things DO NOT BUY

Prod Gee says:

Fuck you and your gay fucking ads

M. M. says:

These ads need to fuck off

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