10 Android Apps you should try RIGHT NOW!

Welcome to my top 10 MUST HAVE Android Apps (June-July 2018). Some of the coolest, best Android Apps we’ve seen in 2018! Includes Camera, Customisation, Productivity, Photography Apps:
AppMatch Crypto Quiz: http://bit.ly/2GKekpL
App Ad Platform: https://appmatch.com/developers


Verticons: https://goo.gl/ruj5SP
Lonely Planet Trips: https://goo.gl/B9zeQM
Navigation Gestures: https://goo.gl/kiKBr1
(Explanation Video: https://goo.gl/u1wrJU)
Notification Animations: https://goo.gl/e1hfuP
Scrittor: http://bit.ly/2J84N13
Carrot: http://bit.ly/2KWLsgq
Sidesqueeze: http://bit.ly/2kuHf8L
Historic Calendar: http://bit.ly/2kuBTtO
GIFr: http://bit.ly/2GUjKP0
Loffee: https://goo.gl/4ifmGu

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muhammad jawad says:

Plz i want that wallpaper on 0:13sec.plz

kadali naveen says:

Sir which launcher or custom rom do you use?

thejakeakar says:

hello ,,any recommendation for blocking ads or how to disable them ,..,thank you

SAM the all type of guy says:

Hi arun, can you plz make a video of 10 best car racing games for android 2018.

Veno Records says:

wow… really useful apps.. keep it up bro

al Khan says:

Wheres the battery comparison of The oneplus6

Gaurav Ratnaparkhi says:

Your quality deserves 100M Subscribers

Patrick Gautschi says:

Cannot install carrot weather from google play, living in Germany, are there some restrictions?

Pooja Singh says:

Awesome video

Mark Evan Delos Reyes says:

Cheese brain

Shanthala Thammaiah says:

Can you please try not to use clickbaity titles

Muscle Man says:

Pls award me the honor10 I don’t make money since I’m 15 and my parents don’t have the money to buy me a new phone!!!

jayesh manan says:

Hey bro show me some cool apss for ios

Khalid ElBanna says:

Cool gameboy

bharat singh says:

How did you make your channel art and logo

Raiyan Sallehin says:

I have been using LOFEE for a while now

Subhadip Karmakar says:

None of these are must have app

Abhinav Prasad says:

no more oneplus 6 videos?

salem obed says:

What type of device is used in the loop

Graham Robinson says:

Let me know if you make it to Tokyo, I am living in Tokyo and would love to meet you for a drink in the train bar

Shon says:

Nice apps and nice video

Evannnnn says:

I watched this video while using the Phillips Hue chroma sync application while rigged up to my room. Looked fantastic and really shows how much effort and time to bring your videos to life. Keep up the good work with the color work!

Amandeep Kochhar says:

You could have installed the first ever and only android app that picks random comments from YouTube Section For Picking Giveaways!

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pikkit.app

Jagdish Bhalerao says:

Thanks you:)

Muruganandam Udumalpet says:

What’s that wallpaper

Hanz Villarante says:

and the historic calendar is awesome


Is iPhone 5s worth in 2018

Hanscud says:

great video, i have a question, where i can get those wallpaper, thanks

OPENOCEAN Mann says:

What launcher did you use for the verticons, I just bought it and now I don’t know which launcher to use

Geo Jas says:

navigation how to make in pc give the link..??

Koragh says:

love the note app thanks

Nyrak says:

What was that wallpaper with the clock at the beginning?

damolin77 says:

I’m always late to the videos but I love the videos like this Arun you do a awesome job thank you and watch your allergies this year don’t want to see you back in hospital bro.

Jp Balibrea says:

Can someone please tell me how to get that clock/date widget he is using?

Rahul Patel says:

Great video sir.

Mohammad Ibrahim says:

Can you make a video of Lenovo Z5 smart phone

Akash Rawat says:

Really appreciate your work Arun… keep making awesome videos!

Hanz Villarante says:

Would try notification animations heehehehehe

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