10 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

Looking for secret or hidden features in WhatsApp? We bring you some very cool WhatsApp tricks, tips and hacks for Android and iPhone that you should try.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Change font: 0:33
2. Use multiple accounts on phone and PC: 1:06
3. Read messages without sending Read Receipts: 1:47
4. Embed previous text in reply: 2:13
5. Block notification previews: 2:41
6. Share media to multiple contacts: 3:46
7. Find who you talk to most: 4:14
8. Formatted text: 4:33
9. Check who has read your message in groups: 5:00
10. Unblock yourself from someone’s account: 5:23

Parallel Space App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.parallel.intl&hl=en

All in One Messenger App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/all-in-one-messenger/lainlkmlgipednloilifbppmhdocjbda?hl=en

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Tricky challenge games says:

Everything is about iPhone but on my Samsung I did everything and plus I knew All of them long time

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Raghu Nath says:

What is the background music??


Bad one… Every body knows

James Williams says:

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Rajendra Singh says:

How to share Facebook photos and videos to WhatsApp.???????

EAA says:

For no.4. You can also swipe right to the sentence you are replying to without holding it, and it’s faster that way.

Vraj Parekh says:

Which keyboard???

Dev Joshi says:


Ella Mendez says:

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Theman 2257 says:

lol i liked the unblocking one

You did not talk about pin conversation

Beebom says:

Check out our updated video on Cool New WhatsApp Tricks (2017) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW1rMI39K-s

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Kyle Brooks says:

Oh is he looking at me or the wall behind him?

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ImTheCabbageMan says:


Noor Khaleel Khan says:

Hi, currently if some images come together, WhatsApp club it and display in one place only. It is a good feature, but I’m unable to reply on a particular pic in that clubbed images. Do you have any trick for replying one of that clubbed images.

imtyaz ahammad says:

reply is even more simple if you slide right then you can see bottom with replay

Nandini Petwal says:

Its not the most use app…fb is

jon rudasy says:

or create a whatsapp poll with http://www.apeo.co

aaron Lam says:

“` hey“`

Sameer Shrivastava says:

Please do help me here actually m I don’t remember that my whatsapp message and chat actually m by mistake I did format my phone I have moto G5 plus the problem is that along with that my whatsapp message delete ho gaya there have no message I did save number of him again in my phone i sow the chat but there was blank chat are you understanding I did try alot what I can do but it doesn’t come I want my message I have no idea what should I do and I want to tell you something I like do format my phone daily maybe in a 7days or a week actually technical guruji told we can do it if you want so you can do format your phone and I don’t data I send screenshots to my another Gmail account but I don’t remember email id I am feeling that there have no way that I can do recover but I was thinking that maybe you can do help

Asaf Yankelovich says:

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Sravan Kumar says:

Bro unblock yourself is not working

Gab's Channel says:


Arun Ks says:

I like your presentation

Boba Fett says:

It does not work!

Gab's Channel says:


Muhammad fahad says:

How can I be notified when some one comes online on I phone plzzzz tell me

Hardeep Singh says:

Nice Trick

Dr. KTM Vlogs says:


YKZ boys says:

what is the song

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Sukhjinder Singh says:

How to mention DP in reply??

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