25+ Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In this video, I will share 25+ Amazing Tips and Tricks to Customize the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to your personal taste and make it yours.

Let’s dive in and discover.

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Note 8 vs S8+ Full Comparison:

Note 8 Full S-Pen Tutorial:

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dlorbieski says:

Got my new Note 8 and have been using your tip videos for setting up and familiarization. Informative and well presented…thanks for sharing…

Techgo Gadget Gal says:

Thank you for making this so much easier to use and understand! I could go into my Edge Screen and Performance Mode without going into any other app. Must be an updated thing. How do you get the settings on the lock screen? I have the phone and email on there. I will watch your other videos and recommend you definitely! Thank you again for your clarity in explaining my new phone! Model SM-N950U Samsung Exp Version 8.5

Eleny Inoue Nature Flores says:

Tkank you. you are the best

Lourdes Jankovic says:

Hi Saki!

Awesome video! Quick question, I find myself having to press hard on my phone to execute commands. Is as if the phone is not sensing my touches. Is that a matter of settings? If so, how do I change it? I can’t recall where or how I made the change?

Tirth Patel says:

How you have video call in your phone app

Sam_ Bam says:

Just got my note 8, ex apple user

Syed Hussain says:

Very nice video

William Ames says:

Awesome video. Thanks.

MaiKai Makena says:

You have the best videos thanks for always bringing the most comprehensive tips and tricks for the Note 8. Ps. Please post more Bixby tips and tricks so we can learn more.

Melissa says:

Am following you SAKI…but I don’t see half the things am seeing on your phone on mine…and we both have the same phone.

Chuy Canseco says:

just got my note 8 today ! using this video now !

Amir Halavi says:

Saki, very informative video, thank you. I still do not know how to dedicate a dif notification tone to several of my apps. Note8 only allows email/text/vip notifications ringtone. please help

Allen Woods says:

I got to get this phone…. GOOD BYE Apple !!!!

Farhan Ansari says:


Nemesio Artaiz says:

Great job! Did not know many of these bro. Thank u

Goutam Ghosh says:

I just bought the note 8 somedayz ago……..didint knew that there r so many features……THANK U SAKITECH

Gulzar Hashim says:

Thanks you so much for lots of information because today I bought it and you make my self easy..lots of best wishes

Infinitate88 Infinitate88 says:

which is better iPhone x or the note 8

ZukkiJuJu says:

More like the Note Great

Raptorialand says:

edge lightning for fb messenger does not work 🙁

Yuigahama Chihiko says:

woah this is awesome just got my note 8 today never going back to apple

karen mario says:

My note 8 doesn’t have a information face widgets under lock screen security????

moxie5060 says:

Omg… thank you for your great video…i learned so much… so excited to learn how to use the edge..plus having a kewl compass.. omg.. thank you.. you are a very good teacher… I’m going to see if you have one how to use Bixby…

Jyotpreet Singh says:

Very thoroughly explained video! Tip for speed dial : If speed dial number is 15, press number 1 once and press & hold number 5; If number is 999, press 9 9 once and press & hold the last 9

KYS Productions says:


At 0:01 i cant find that air gesture at all on my note 8. Is it possible that they didnt include it on the official release Note 8’s?

Lheeza Taleb says:

Very well said… I love the way u explained, every single detail was very clear.. thank u sooo much… this is very helpful❤

Felicia Westry says:

I learned a lot, you took your time and explained very well. I look forward to your other videos.


watching on note 8, i saw all your note 8 videos. i must say you covered every inch , corner of the phone.

C- Power says:

Excellent Video.

Jason L says:

Hi, may I know what is the best planner for note 8 that you would recommend to record daily plan/schedule? Google calendar or S Planner or something else?

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