$30 Fake AirPods! First 1:1 Clone

Fake AirPods For $30! How Bad Can They Be? First 1:1 (Attempted) Clone of Apple’s Super Popular $159 AirPods. Not Bad Actually!

Fake iPhone X: https://youtu.be/vw-OcUvKtPs


Burnt Toaster Strudel says:

Wish I knew where to get these

Aiden Guerrero says:


Jacob Debono says:

What the FILIP is this?

Nightcore Reality says:

Can you have sex with me

Isabella Marquis says:

Why did he put an Oral-B sticker on the real one? Now it looks like a packet of floss xD

Mr. Harfiedoodle says:

Hey, it’s an AirPod plus!

dodo Alsaleh says:

does anyone see that blue flash in 6:07

yo my homey says:

I want some that are very comfy. Are these comfy

Alex Zockt says:

Who is the name from the Fakes Airpods and the link from the buy site? :/ I want to buy it 😀 Nice Video!

Bear of doom Jr says:

No it swallows

School educations says:

Can you write the link for this fake AirPods

LRD TAYGø says:

* spongebob meme here *

iLi DRoP thE LinK dOWn BeLow

T4YLORR says:

Little headphones like that are gonna give shit sound anyway. For 150 you can get a good wireless, 7.1 surround sound headphones

Katie Campbell says:

i got airpods today and i love them

Random YouTuber Sam says:

If you want to save 120$ then Buy those
They are airpods plus just add a apple sticker 😉

Brandon Baker says:

I know the song you used

Joseph Wang says:

are the reals supposed to shine a BLUE LED every 5 seconds?

Darien Mead says:

Do they have a microphone?

Smartie Skittles says:

They look like dental floss boxes

Antonis Theodoratos says:

Could you try the new i9s mini earpods?

Emma Little says:

I love the Oral B sticker

huskyrain808 says:

Does it swallow?..

David says:

U know what is a better experience having 130 still in my wallet

always VLOGAN says:

Awesome Video! You have to see this, the Truth Behind Apple AirPods! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ny04a1pNf8&feature=youtu.be

Michelle Couch says:

Apple buyers amuse me … Free yourself … The two pluses you have 1. Polished apps 2. Great processor. For the everyday person an Android phone is much better. Freedom to create your phone as you like and save money with a grin…

John Snaith says:

How do you get those

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