6 must-have Mac utilities

One of the perks of using a laptop or desktop, instead of a tablet, is that you can customize your workflow. Utilities make your computer less annoying and customized to you. In this episode of Processor, Dieter demos some of his favorite MacOS utilities.

All the links to download the utilities are here: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/20/17481054/mac-menubar-utilities-taylorism-is-bad

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René Wuttke says:

These are good suggestions. I didn’t know most of them.

Purav Alva says:

you can use cheet sheet

AO1337 says:

Things I hate most.
People who put tons of stickers on their macbook

Irfan Chaudhry says:

check out PopClip – love it!

Jan Horák says:

Oh man this Toothfairy utility is so awesome! As mentioned in the video, it saves one click but this one click makes such a big difference. Thanks for this tip! 🙂

Derek Witt says:

For a two-stop shop utility for window tiling, I like Spectacle. It lets me assign keystrokes and let’s me title windows similar to Windows itself. I use Command-Option-F for full screen (with dock and menu visible) and Command-Option-Left/Right arrow.

This makes window tiling so much better and similar to Windows (since I have to use Windows frequently too).

Yashowardhan Singh says:

Get Dieter to make more videos like these!

Nick Stricklin says:

I just don’t think I can trust another verge video.

Rafael Ignacio Vela Hernández says:

http://vanilla.wolves.fm/r/HJ9osoPK7 Vanilla Link

Vinícius Peluqui says:

You want customization? Get Linux.

Michael says:

One thing I don’t like about macOS is that a lot of these utilities that do a small thing, but are super useful more often than not seem to cost money. On Windows, it seems like finding these kinds of utilities, they are almost always free.

I use both OS, and I prefer macOS for work and Windows for general usage.

Edit: just want to point out something too, why the hell isn’t the last utility built into the OS? I seriously don’t get that.

Natasha Ho says:

It just sounds like you need Linux haha

Eric Balgley says:

Can you recommend a clipboard history util for Mac?

Massimo Baita says:

Thank You very much, Dieter!

Dattucha says:

All your favorite utilities are pretty damn USELESS

Burhan Vizteck says:

I bought the ToothFairy, though this functionality should’ve been provided by Apple.

Jeremy JMIAH Williamson says:

The utilities should be listed individually in the video description and actually put them on the web-page you provide a link for, because Im not seeing ANYTHING on your website link.

Rahil says:

10 quid to move Windows, something I can already do …

Guilherme Teixeira says:

Seems like someone might be happy if he is introduced to Linux Mint with Cinnamon, or Manjaro Linux w/ KDE, Openbox or i3wm.

Mike Lubinets says:

Try some Linux distribution. Amounts of customization available there will blow your head 🙂

jade honey says:

was just seeing a com video “just now and think why isn’t a better way to manage windows sizes cLose that video and opened yours, uouuuuu…

Ivan Sakal says:

Dongle, dongle, dongle umm a dongle and a dongle.

Juana Boyd says:

for those asking this is the one to speed up your mac dt22.space/hsp

Rafael Ignacio Vela Hernández says:

Here! Help me get the Pro version of Vanilla

Herb Crowley says:

lol 30 year old version of alex from ltt

Sukas Schneider says:

sooo U are telling me that you wanna save “one click” and then you’re adding an utility which hides all icons so you have to click one more time ? that logic

Tyler Winchester says:

Dude your posture @1:50 is gonna kill your neck and back.

groovdafied says:

Magnet for os x. It replicates the auto window placement that is in Windows 7 and 10.

Loqman Kammreiter says:

AppleScript 🙂

Herb Crowley says:

hahaha 10 seconds in and you feel bad for his wife

Henry Esparza says:

Trying to make it like win 10. They just need to make OS X better out the box.

Hewhomustnotbenamed says:

doesn’t Carrot add the extra click back that Toothfairy takes away?

Emery Vilament says:

screen float….amazing!

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