Advance Customization 4 One Ui, Good Lock 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 Plus 12 New Features

Samsung finally update the Good lock app to support android pie and one ui running devices, like the S8, S9 and the Note8, /Note 9. The galaxy S10 line of devices are all supported and you can change the recents apps and navigation bar as well as the notification bar. you get so many customizations they should be included in the OS imo.

hope you enjoy this video.

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jkid323 says:

galaxy s10e so cute all small like a micro machine 🙂 but power like optimus prime 🙂

stevae wei says:

All of these are great and very useful. I use most of them regularly. But the “REAL” problem I am having with my new S10+ is trying to add a custom font from a third party source. It’s amazing to me that Samsung can sell us a $1000 phone, and then try to control which fonts we use on it. I mean, it’s just a font. SO WHY SAMSUNG? I HATE all of the fonts inside the Galaxy store, so those will not do. They all look alike, and there is nothing special in their entire listing. I have tried blackmart, gxfont, ifont and several others. NONE of them work. So please help us find a way to put custom fonts on our unrooted Galaxy S10’s. Great vid, and thanks for all your efforts.

Sam Zaq says:

One handed operation + is awesome

Raj Singh says:

I like to listen to Music on one app while playing a video in another app (the sound of which I don’t need
, specifically for videos like tutorials with no sound). I can do that using Sound assistant in Good Lock. So freaking cool.

nico. says:

Omg this is so nice never heard about this before. I want these things on my OnePlus 😮 This is the first time I want something from Samsung on my OP

Нураддин Гусейнов says:

Doesn’t work on S8(

Chemy Torres says:

A lot of options added! Nice video man

xXReD UsMcXx says:

There was a Network or server error Try again later -200
Any Fix?

Jon B. says:

Wish my unlocked Note 9 would get the One UI update..

BatCane says:

I have bought the S10+ and live in Sweden and the app doesn’t show up anywhere. I found an article where I could download the app, still it said the app doesn’t work.

Sharjeel Ahmad says:

Is anyone having the following issue with S10 plus
The music(spotify) keeps on pausing when playing via bluetooth

So far I have
Reset bluetooth settings
Cleared date for spotify
Uninstalled smart switch
Changed battery setting to high performance
Reduced spotify streaming to normal quality

None of the above has worked so far…does anyone have an idea on how to fix this issue cuz its driving me mad!!='(

badar choudhary says:

Need help i cant find this app on galaxy store and whn i download through apk , it says out of service basically

E Peterson says:

Put the app in the App Store then I’ll try it. I’m not wanting to do 50 steps to customize my phone that’s bullshit!!

mj mj says:

Guys, Good lock isnt supported outside the US, so to make it work u can lookup an app called bad lock which helps to access some of the controls instead of Good Lock. Bad Lock is just a launcher for the Good Lock plugins.
u also need to install the all the plugins as separate apks which can be found easily with a small google search

xXReD UsMcXx says:

There was a Network or server error Try again later -200
Any Fix?

THE NAGA says:

Will this effct my phone warranty?

Robert Stacey says:

Substratum and Andromeda. Do you know if there is a patch for it. It doesn’t recognize that the app is installed HELP…. Anybody

ZeqHD says:

How to get Good Lock for people outside of US:

1. Remove your simcard and make sure location is turned OFF.
2. Make sure the Galaxy Store app is closed.
3. Go to settings> applications> galaxy store> storage> delete data (cache)
4. Download a VPN app (location changer) I use Windscribe, open it and pick any of the free US locations.
5. Go back to the galaxy store, search for Good Lock and install it.
6. Install all of the features within Good Lock that you want to use.
7. You can now turn off your VPN and put your sim card back in plus use location on your phone again.


eppsislike says:

Can’t find this in the app store. I’m in Amsterdam. I also downloaded a bootlegged APK file but when I open the app, it reads Network error – 200. Any reason why? *UPDATE*: Remove sim card, use a VPN with USA as host and install apk file. Works like a charm.

Yathusan Ampikainathan says:

You are God

Smith Rattanak says:

Why can’t my galaxy store search for Good Lock?

Carry Wu says:

I’ve been waiting since the 2018 version, but never released for Indonesian’s market. 🙁

Anders Rommetveit says:

07:33 You pull your finger from the side and an arrow pops up and you go back. Is that system integrated or an external app?

shashank983 says:

Like this video thanks

Nilson Junior says:

I can’t find it on galaxy app store

Ruben Sivertsen says:

Can any1 send me the link to Good lock cant find it

Rey Rainer Marbibi says:

Is the app region blocked? app store cant find it and it cant connect to the server

MKA NET says:

Actually, Task Changer breaks Multi-Window support, NOT MultiStar. As soon as I enable Task Changer, when I long-press the Android Menu button, nothing happens. I had to disable Task Changer to get Multi-Window functionality back. Too bad, I really like Task Changer’s visual effects.

Viktor Benji says:

can you make the status bar clock show seconds?

paulF1 says:

I’ve had it for a while on my S9+ but after waiting for the update for my new S10+ and then getting the update very quickly which was great, my problem is getting the Bluetooth icon in the notification bar to hide like it does for WiFi and battery I can’t get the Bluetooth to hide, any help would be great ..nice video..

Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi says:

is the best phone

Android Basha | أندرويد باشا says:

For some weird reason Good Lock is not available in the store in the middle east, I’ve sideloaded the APK alongside another 4 apks for the routine, clock etc and it still doesn’t work : any ideas?

xXReD UsMcXx says:

There was a Network or server error Try again later -200
Any Fix?

Cosmin Parfenov says:

It doesn’t work for me.

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