Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy S8’s EDGE Screen

In this video, we will share some amazing tips to customize your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+’s Edge Screen and Edge Panels.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus are incredibly feature rich phones, so it’s only natural to want to discover all the amazing tips to derive maximum satisfaction.

10 Samsung Galaxy S8+ Tips, Tricks & Hidden features:

10 Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy S8

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Logan M09 says:

How do you enable the edge notification on lock screen? Just like the s6 edge where you rub the side and you’ll see the notification on the edge panel

romo _6one9 says:

how do I color coat contacts

jlover0628 says:

Hi you can call me JJ just wanted to ask you about my samsung s8 +. The problem that I am having is the bixby app is not working like it should. When I try to go into settings and set up the voice recognition It’s not there. So what could be the problem.

Robert Sørensen says:

the coin toss tips changed my life.

Habibbasha Habibbasha says:


Nate Smith says:

Excellent! If a 67 year old guy who just got the phone (me) can follow your tutorial, then you’ve done it right!

Nicasio Rodriguez says:

Can you change the color of the LED notifications light from blue to another color

Earthy x says:

Want one, but waiting for pixel 2.

Edward Kenway says:

Dang the s8 has a ton of features=ton of YouTube videos about them.

Changed Man 316 says:

found it

Roushan Jha says:

It helped me really , i recently bought s8 edge, it is awesome phone . Thanks alot.

Sebastien Sebastini says:

Unfortunately, you can’t do a lot of the thing you talk about with the Galaxy S8 by T-Mobile regarding the Edge Screen. It seems that the handle is on the right side and it can’t be moved to the left of the screen. Nor can you adjust the size of the handle. THIS REALLY SUCKS T-MOBILE!

sanjeev kumar says:

How to add text on S8 edge like that in Note Edge 4

Mark Johnson says:

As always, your videos give great information in an easily digested form. Keep up the great work!!!

imran rehman says:

can anyone tell me that what is the use of those four parallel white lines on the top and bottom of the s8 plus?? u can see the bottom tow lines in this video too.

Oluwaseun Emmanuel says:

What of information stream

J-P Lui says:

Thanks so much for your videos. I keep learning new things about my S8 that are so useful.

nawab saab says:

Is there any way to download paid edge panel for free

Jose Ramirez says:


Ian McGregor says:

Great Video…I was thinking before that edge panel options on my S8 is a bit annoying but after this video i can say that this is really cool options that totally make a different between my previous S7 especially when i activated edge lighting which is great option to know exactly what message comes.Thanks Again!!!

arnold s says:

A very good video did not know about these tips very much appreciated

Hina Hammad says:

Kindly show how to stop / off text extract .
I mistakenly downloaded but now irretated

starmei007 says:

Can you get the edge clock on this phone?

MegasXLR says:

Did you really just uninstall the most useful edge panel that controls the music xd

DeadI7182 says:

Thank you so muchhh, made my day

Teresa Haigh says:

I always like your video…you speak ever so clearly. My question this, does the edge panel work when you’re on easy mode?

Bhura modhvadiya86 says:

very nice

mrlol king says:

Thanks man

xxHellzAngellxx says:

I don’t understand iPhone users. With they’re out dated ass software.

Alberto Serrano says:

How do you have the white notification bubbles on the apps?

Rizal Djohan says:

How do you set the panel sliding from the left?

John Dee says:

Very well explained, I definitely will use the edge panels more.One confusing aspect of the phone is the option of changing screen resolution. …why?

Changed Man 316 says:

i cant find the softkey panel with the screen capture….Does verizon support this? Great vids!

bosshova23 says:

does anyone know of any sports panels that we can download that has all sports teams? The Yahoo panel only has pro sports and not college sports.

Telmo Paiva says:

How can i go to download store?? my rom says it don t have so i can have the calculator 🙁

NobleTheHero says:

this video was awful

Edwin Capidos says:

There’s actually a number of useful features in the edge. At first, it’s ⚖ a design.

Paul Casil says:


Franc says:

Can you keep the Edge features if you’re using Nova Launcher?

JohannaAbalos Philippines says:

I’m a big fan of iphone since 2015. But when I see this phone, maybe I will switch to Android again. Like if you switch to Samsung S8 too!

pagan moon god says:

you watch cnn then youre not smart

Michael Evans says:

Just unboxed one

Bill Nikolaou says:

Hello!! Can i deactivate the edge sceen?

Dr Mundo says:

that’s such a beautiful looking phone! can;t wait to get my note 8!!

Jerrid Beesley says:

I have an s8 and this feature is useless

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