Android Customization With Hyperion Launcher – Our Favorite Features!

The Hyperion Launcher is brought to you by some of the same team behind device customization giants like Substraum and Andromeda.

They are pushing out a new update adding great features to the launcher and sent us a pre-release build to get a quick hands-on.

You can download the Hyperion Launcher to your device available on the Play Store today –

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Rotbart says:

I have cookies…

Aneel Kumar says:

How did u get that ?

Zenkai Seven says:

Didn’t find Tabs Setting in Drawer Interface

AaronLP 1312 says:

Hyperion sucks!!!!!

Miguel Angel Hernández says:

too many mistakes to be developed By Projekt Developmen And the worst thing is that if they ask in telegram about the errors they expel you.

Syameeik says:

Pro price too high..

Vipul Khedekar says:

Finding a launcher which will allow notification panel customization. Right now I have Nova.

Thir13en Ghosts says:

Better than Nova?

Jonathan P says:

Shitty… I installed profile doesn’t ever appears

abhinav kumar says:

Little bit laggy when opening menu .. not smooth like nova ..

Arfat Zain ✓ says:

thanks you ❤️

Mark John Solver says:

Nah. Nothing beats the OG Nova Launcher.

Debasish Mandal says:

I need custom app sorting in app drawer

Hirako Shinji says:

doesn’t support Android P gesture navigation

ethan the furfag says:

Does anyone notice how it they have Andromeda and Hyperion uh that reminds me of two games

Shree Charan says:

Yep CPL is the best

Viraj Prajapati says:

share a link of that wallpaper

Xoss Tech says:

Please sir make google camera for oppo a3s

SnehRaj Sinh Jadeja says:

bought Nova prime for 0.14 USD

Parivesh Virat says:

Is that 6T M.E??


is it use google play services

Super Mario says:

Nova launcher
Yndex launcher
Lean Launcher
CPL launcher
These are the best

Celestial Being says:

Hyperion not Hyperon

Arun G says:

Nova is the best. I always came back to nova.

mynameisJapan says:

Better than CPL ?

Nathan Zalepa says:

Where did you get that wallpaper?

Jia says:

I like simple, it looks complex.

FLL says:

can we have folder in drawer like in Nova?

i Sumit says:

Is it better than Microsoft launcher?

Rohit says:

Link to Wallpaper please?

Athithya Arasu says:

Sick wallpaper! where’d you get it?

Omkar Kulkarni says:

Lawnchair v2

Ahmed Yonees says:

can you show us the setup of tge launcher in this video??


Can I get this wallpaper please? One with mclarens

Anym says:

Just a simple question. I don’t know how he put that weather widget in the dock and what app did he use for that widget?

Ayush Saxena says:

I tried this but CPL works great for me.

Khali Ahmee says:

J l’ai installé .mais elle a démarré toute seul .pourquoi ? Bien sûr sans que je l’est choisi comme launcher ….


There’s one launcher to rule them all. It’s called smart launcher. This one’s too gimmicky.

Oasis Chan says:

May i have your wallpaper plz~

Mohit Kumar says:

It’s buggy.When clear all my apps then open then opens the app drawer it lags so much buggy launcher.


is it all for free

Tendai Dongo says:

This is good for those using the cheap chinese phones othes us using our OP6 or Picel would never touch this

kingku talukdar says:

using it & its really a very good launcher.

Narendra Saini says:

Never beat Microsoft Launcher ,Try it

Aneel Kumar says:

In my launcher there is no tabs option

DaZzLeR DaNcE CeNTRe Ahmednagar says:

Shreeraj K says:


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