Best LG G3 Customization APP (G3 TweaksBox)

Take a look at the last app you will need to customize both the appearance and functionality of your LG G3.

Root Instructions:

Xposed Installer:


Gabriel Greer says:

Just wondering how you get the blurred look effect and the notifications at the start of the video?

Jabrial Boston says:

what app you use to root

x_drippy says:

Can you do this on lg leon

Jun Park says:

I can’t install and update

My name is Juan says:

What is going to happend to my phone if i update it to lollipop 5.0

Adryan Gabryel says:

versione la apk ???

WV591 says:

All BS tweaks but not a single  keyboard tweak.

Jun Park says:

Now you can’t do this anymore with the lollipop update.

Marcus V says:

hello and thanks for your time . i really like your videos . im having an issue for me . exposed is telling me not yet compatible cannot link executable etc … is there any new updates ?

Browningate says:

No fix for the artificial sharpness problem?

MindForge says:

But how to root on official G3 5.0 lollipop?

Tom Truman says:

When I hit “” Install?Update I got a message (( Failed to get root access )) also mentioned And you have not blocked Shell Commands
What now???

Mario Shontz says:

This also works on phones with a G3 Rom. I use it on my G2 with CloudyG3 on it all the time

XxShadowxX says:

Hey do you know if you can install Xposed and be able to use G3 Tweaksbox on a rooted G3 running Lollipop 5.0.1?

khuram kanera says:

hi. my lg g3 dealing touch very slow some time very fasy can any body tell me what I do ….

Kevin Garrido says:

can u make a video of how to do this to the lg g stylo please

Jody Cochran says:

Will this work with CM12? I used this on my last G3 (pickpocketed at Mardi Gras on Saturday night) and loved it! Now, before I get too into loading apps, I would like to update to Lollipop, but I hear there is no root for the TMo OTA version yet. Seems that CM12 would be the most stable way to achieve this. Thoughts? Thanks!

sayed khalil says:

i want to make this home screen

Ahmad Rifai says:

What widget are you using on your home screen?

Sniper Only says:

The app is not working for my android phone I have a 2015 LG Leon 5.0.2

N Bnk says:

hi, which is the option to see the transparent notifications ??  
like 8:10 “connected to: roossmoney”  

josh decca says:

How to root Verizon new 4.4.2 lg g3?

Charman Der says:

great video

Trouble RLS says:

Great video! Thanks

Gemini Queen says:

Lol great review but your better said 87% at the end of the review it started at 91 better life draining pretty quick is it because of the app you using

Kevin Garrido says:

would this work for the lg stylo?

Rank and File says:

Hey Dude love all of your videos they’re fantastic thank you so much for helping me out with my g3. I’ve had plenty of androids and I’ve always been pretty tech savvy but I’ve never worked up the courage to root a phone. I watched your one click root video with stump followed the instructions to it and now I’m rooted with a custom recovery and ROM thank you so much for all of your help I totally subscribe, keep them coming.

Life82 says:

Hello friend could you tell me how did you get those notifications on your home screen by using tweakbox

Hans Garcia says:

Thanks for the the little demo!

Zachary Aldridge says:

doesn’t work on 5.0.1

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