Customise your Android Smartphone – 2019 Edition.

In this video I show you ways you can customise your phone with themes, launchers, icon packs, and widgets in 2018! Android app links for the themes, wallpapers and widgets are below (2019):

(0:10) Bottom Quick Settings:
(0:27) Neoline Wallpaper:
(0:54) ZentaLED Wallpaper:
(1:13) LessPhone Launcher:
(1:48) Dy/Dx:
(2:01) Wallpaper Modder:
(2:42) Dynamic Komponents:
(3:08) Magic KWGT:
(3:18) Sesame:
(3:45) Superhero icon Pack:
(4:17) Iconzy:
(4:37) Redpapers:

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shafan shaikh says:

Love your content .

Rdx Abdul Rahman says:

What are iphone users doing here?

musicbreakerlp says:

Neoline is truly amazing! Thx for showing me this!

Kyatallyn says:

Battery drain easily

Ash says:

How do you get the date to be in words instead of numbers. Example @4:56

T67 FUN says:

Whats that phone?

Hidden Point says:

Best phone under 11000 ?

Varun Baliga says:

Vivo devices have the control center on the bottom yayyayay

Derek Frost03 says:

I have a question? Is it possible to customize your lock screen to look as good as your home screen? I love your podcast by the way.

TechVidz says:

What’s that wallpaper at 3:57?

Byrod1 says:

What a phony annoying “English” “high class” mannerism ! yuk ! can not listen to it for longer than two minutes.

Chetan Dongare says:

Make a room tour
Your room is fab

Razvan says:

The only app I installed from this Vidor is Neolonie. Press F to pay respects to my screen on time

Johan Bloom says:

Comment! It’s not so free as it looks!

Moustafa El-Moghazi says:

Oh yeah

Rj Fdo. says:

Amazing video. Thanx

abhi says:

3:54 which phone

George Azzopardi says:

I had this wallpaper but i uninstalled it tought it will drain my battery life ??

Md Zahid says:

I don’t usually comment on videos but just wanted to say that I really like how straight forward your videos are. Please don’t change it!

Hari Krishnan K says:

Great video as usual! Can you make a KWGT tutorial series?!

storm coming. says:

Live wallpapers drain your battery.

AngryKoala Insane says:

Sadly “Bottom Quick Settings” doesn’t switch WiFi which turns it unusable ATM. 🙁

john ahmed says:

2:05 is that galaxy note 2?

TOP 5 says:

Ajouter un commentaire public…

Faheem Ishaque says:

Awesome bro

razer hal says:

what phone are you using?

Flash363 says:

Can anyone tell me what the app is called that displays your battery life as a color-coded bar on top of your screen? It has a paid version too, I thought it was on this video. Thanks!

Gábor Németi says:

How much these live wallpapers affect my battery life?

Shivang Tripathi says:

Bottom Slider App is amazing.

Leslie Jacob says:

Dude please do continue to make these kinda videos! It’s awesome and really helpful. 🙂

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