Customize the dock on iPhone iOS 11.3 – 11.4 UPDATE !


Color dock wallpaper Mod:

iPhone X wallpaper Mod:

iPhone SE 2 This is it !

iOS 11.4 Beta 3 Released | What’s New ?

New iOS 11.3.1 JAILBREAK has been Accomplished

iOS 11.4 beta 2 & iOS 11.3.1 follow up & iOS 11.4 beta 3 Release Date


᚛᚛᚛ Mr. Vyper ᚜᚜᚜ says:

The Apple A11 Bionic destroys Samsung Snapdragon in every test making it the world’s fastest mobile CPU.
Where are Samsung fankids? *tumbleweed slowly rolling*

Scott Spooner says:

This is Apples big weakness vs Android.

Chris Guzman says:

Lmao lame android kills this bs

davidhunternyc says:

I have a new iPad 9.7 inch. I want to change my dock “only” to a simple black color (or a transparent color because my regular wallpaper is black) but keep my regular wallpaper on my screen. Would you please send me a link as to which dock wallpaper I need to download? I am a bit confused. Thanks.

William Wong says:

is it that hard to add another X behind ‘iPhone” ???

Lapis Lazuli says:

And if I want an actual background?

Cudjoe Gomez says:

Links aren’t working

Daniel Halawi says:

you already done this video

Venci Nacario says:

thanks iDeviceHelp for today’s video!

iDeviceHelp says:

New iPhone X 2018 Hands on & Expected Release Date

vishwas gowda says:

If ur using iPhone X why didn’t using google searching apps Mugal sir

Cozmic Wolf says:

Make a better title next time

Bpru says:

how do I get to the url on iphone x?
I am not seeing the save for the wallpaper

Basco Pasco says:

This is awesome. Fully use an oled display looks too hott.

Dark Fader says:

Dude this shit is old .

Pabular says:

I swear you people are so stupid. If you would spend the extra minute and finish watching the video, you’d see that there are options for older devices. I have lost all hope in humanity at this point. 99 likes on a comment complaining that IDH isn’t including videos about older devices. I give up on you people.

Kitty Gurl says:

Iphones fucking sucks, can’t customize for shit

Vykintas Janusevicius says:

How is this related to 11.4 update? Wallpaper is wallpaper. Misleading title.

markonda eswar says:

please like my comment please

Conor Mcsharry says:

Will it work on 6

Kin Hong Fong says:

Misleading topic.

Andrew Fordham says:

Wake me up when you can actually move icons wherever you want on the screen.

Alexandru P says:

Would it have been hard to add an “X” in the title after “iPhone” or do those extra hopefull views really get you a lot of money?

Wave Runner says:

I have an iPhone 6S and the home screen wallpaper does not work. Any tips? I have reduce motion on

Sudan Pantin says:

Love it

Soupe Au Zit War says:

Any 11.3 jailbreak soon ?

Psychotic_Boiii- says:

Do tutorials on iPad retard

47crazed says:

i either open the wallpapers here on my mac and airdrop it or use the continuity. lol something that android phones do not have. lol

Swahit Ko says:

I heard that iPhone X screen is made by Samsung

Juanca Bustamante says:


kevin weatherby says:

Horrible. You don’t know how to share info

PFTSTA needs to be a meme says:

I know about this earlier….

TouYube1987 says:

Video should be called, “how to change your walls paper” click bait garbage like most of your videos

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