Customize the Status Bar in iOS 11 NO Jailbreak

Get Custom Status Bar icon in iOS 11 NO Jailbreak

Customized Wallpapers:
Wallpaper :

Polarr Photo Editor.

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Jack Sneddon says:

When does iOS 11 release in the uk

Glenn Correa says:

Please delete this video. This is too dumb.
I was waiting for you to say you were kidding or something. Smh.

Michael García says:

what a waste of time

Jeff Chan says:


Vipul Champaneri says:

does ios 11 have a batteries widget

Troy Elci says:

Please make a video to do it on a iPhone 6/s/7 plus where you can rotate the home screen and it will stay

Baldeep Sandhu says:

u have copied all the walllpapers from some other page…kindly do some original work

Ondra Procházka says:

Is this voice of Ramsay Bolton?

-titan - says:

The app that he recommended is actual sh*t

shlok Vikari says:

Doesn’t work on my iPhone 5s

King V says:

How do you get the logos?

Hassan Usman Qureshi says:

most dumbest shit

Tosan Esoko says:

Nice video! I love the wallpapers!!

apple tech geek says:

Is there gonna be a 10.3.2 jailbreak? Since there is a exploit for 10.3.1

DrRedMi says:

But its great pretty cool can you make video that :what happen if you delet developer profile in ios11 beta 5 i deleted mine accidentally:(

Dorsey Ross says:

I just wasted 3 and a half minutes of my life watching this video ugh,

pratik patil says:

So good thanks

DrRedMi says:

I cant copy apple logo

Victor says:

逗我呢= =

pratik patil says:

Very nice

felipe Valentine says:

How can I do a Chicago bulls logo

Jingerale x says:

I’ll photoshop one with any background you want just reply as I got you. But you need to know how to reply back to me after I make one for you.

Kateland Vu says:

Idevice help I have a question: I have an iPhone 5s and there is only a centimeter in between the status signal bars and battery status icons. How can I achieve this effect?

Kieron Daniels says:

 Idevice help 

Nightrunner 723 says:

How do u do it with custom logos and wallpapers

Lion Gaming says:

Haha…..Stupid bro…..

Niek vL says:

So stupid

Yueshao Lei says:

I just got my iPhone 7 a few weeks ago. And it didn’t show the carrier name, the guy at the Apple Shop helped me to started it. You won’t be able to see the, say, “AT&T,” it’s gone, until now I restarted my iPhone, then the carrier name is back now. I wanna know how to remove the carrier name.

Isaac Von says:

co to za chujowe triki.. jprdl takie cos to sie robiło na psp..

Broken F0711 says:

Fuck you

NIK3 FASHO says:

I love ya for this I’ve been waiting for a custom lock screeen

In Your Hand Reviews says:

I don’t have add text

Paneesh Pun Intended says:

Are you serious? Wtf this is dumb

DrRedMi says:

There new IOS!!! Idevice help im waiting to ios12 search on it ITS NEW!

TsoLoaded says:

Show do you copy the apple logo ?

A P says:

Do you have an icon just for the transformer pls.

Cow Belly says:

Pplllzzz batman logo

Bari Wop says:


parthasarathi ghosh says:

When you start running out of ideas but still want views

Blue Juice says:

I was the 1,000th like

Christian Omar says:

You should make a michael jordan

LoserKid Covers says:

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