Customize Windows 10 With StartIsBack++ And Visual Styles

For those wondering, this was done inside a virtual machine on a test PC I use. Download links below.

Start Menu:

Black Visual Style:

Ribbon Disabler:

A Custom Start Orb:




Nigel Good – Space Minus One
Nigel Good – Still Running

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Dinodics says:

Yeap, fucked my PC don’t try black themes

GodlyModz says:

Dont do this SHIT people it fucks up your whole fucking pc

Raining Bass says:

i wouldn’t trust this, especially since it brought me to a fake page

ilyes dado says:

helo bro
i have a prblm with the (UxStyle_0242)
once i install it i can not access to “windows-resources-theme” folder and i can not change the theme unless i uninstall it
help please

Rima Borah says:

You are doing it on a virtual machine

nigger cattle says:

Now you can color your botnet like a clown.

indra devkota says:

how to download theme

Pax Gaming says:

For me theme didnt work it wasnt all black please help.

Mubz says:

Guys easiest way to get windows 8 old start menu go to Classic shell application you can download it and then you can do the same things like get windows 8 start menu Its not as good as Starters back but it sure is worth it if you are looking for the old windows 8 start menu so yeah


how do we remove all of this?

anton pamintuan651 says:

how to run the transparent

Badhan Chowdhury says:

Sucha stupit thing

Hendry Wahana says:

I don’t know if it has blur option, but transparent without blur is just distraction. Nice video btw

SL GAMER says:

woooow… o_O

Legra Sutterfield says:

Can i uninstall it after the modification is successful?

Siddharth Bothra says:

what to do ????

Laverna Pearl says:

man… the black theme looks sleek and cool.. In conjunction, I also use FolderChanger which helps me to further improve the looks and feel of Windows. Google for “Folderchanger” and you’ll find it.

Pedro Rossi says:

uxstyle link?

Siddharth Bothra says:

i cant paste themes in themes folder its hang my pc

Kemal Tachgulyyev says:

Thanks for warning(:

Milos Djeric says:

Classic Shell and Start10 is my pick

Yoan Gualbert says:

hy,,,can make this theme on windows 10 profetional??? please answer

Jesrael SB says:

This is an awesome theme! Great job! although It’s not working for me. Please make one for newer versions of Win 10 as well!! 🙂

Brapp says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the footage in the intro and at 1:00? Please

akash khushal says:

can we only use the software to make windows transparent ?????

anton pamintuan651 says:

the transparent fuking destroyed my coputer

Tie Ricketts says:


TechyRoids says:

See me

Wolfy Agario says:

Why do ppl want Windows 7 btw i liked the Wallpaper and the taskbar thing

Nguyen Hao says:

can i use it for win 10 creator update ?

Philippine Patriot says:

Does it work for Windows 8 so i can fast download on Windows 10

Dylan and Micah gaming says:

PFFTT “Great Performance”

Arctic Fox says:

What app that you installed allows you to right click on the start button and have an option for PROPERTIES?

PhysioEdge says:

@abyssTech how to make a restore point

Dank2233 Games says:

hey theres a start menue called classic shell, it’s free and lets you customize it a lot, shape coulor and startbutton. you can also make it look like win XP lol

Neil Haudini says:

Is this safe?

Bo Shen says:

Finally 32gb of ram is useful

Aadil Farooqui says:

Don’t believe this shit, the restore point could get crash Trust me i know this

Abyss Tech says:

Hello everyone, Davidson here. I do apologize for not having an updated Customization of Windows 10. Lucas, who did this video, recent relocated to a different state, and has been working full time. He doesn’t know when he is going to get the next video finished. I would do it, but with lack of funding for the software I might need I wouldn’t be able to do it. Rest assured, we are working the best we can, working around our work schedules and my college schedules. I do want to thank everyone for being patient. I am looking forward to the new video myself. Have a great day!


HI i'm mustafa says:

win xp>win 10

চ্যানেল 420 says:


Satish Mishra says:

how to remove it

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