Customize Your Android 2017!


This is the february edition of customize your android! In this video i go over two very simple but nice set ups and explain that i will be changing the format of the video.

Find out how you can submit your setup:

Set up 1:

Set up 2:
≧◉◡◉≦ ▏ Apps Required ▏≧◔◡◔≦

▶ Zooper Widget Pro ($2.99, Yes you will need the Pro Version):

▶ trident 2

▶ Mnml UI Widget:

▶ Whicons:

In this video I
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SniperGuard [ Playz says:

it said 2016 in the intro

jepsan says:

what phone is that

TechieBro says:

its cool

Joran says:

Why does it say: “february 2016” while it’s 2017?

Khushal Bajaj says:

what is the name of the app☺☺☺

Umair Babar says:

Nova Launcher Prime Redeem Code ?

wwe wrestling says:

Dude see at 0:05 it’s says ‘february 2016’ lol

alsa girish says:

nic video great complimets from me

Himangshu Kalita says:

What is happening to you guys you are not making any good videos now check Mr whosetheboss they make better vids than you

OnGreed says:

What camera app is that? I love your videos by the way!

Umair Babar says:

Nice to see Nexus 6

wowmagic wowmagic says:

what a lazy vid

Instict Thunderbird says:

the URL for wallpapers says page not found

Cabinda Timmy says:

I like it try buzz launcher it’s great

Lime Yor says:

you need to update the wallpaper link

Android Tv says:

i tried already amazing

Kyle Visto says:

what is the name of the wallpaper in setup 1?

Ali Javed says:

hell fast. just speaking fast. you are rapping in the video. like seriously dint get any of what u did man

Sourav das says:

fuck you

Ash Ram says:

you need to check your ENT Physician

Ritik Jain says:

what happened to your voice ?

ΣTHΔΠ X says:

It is like an uncomplete video :-/ bruhh

Rayfan013 says:

0:04 Customize your Android February 2016??

jaya surya says:

I can’t find the wallpaper you used in set up 1 can you tell me from which category you got wallpaper in walli app

FlowYT says:

FEBRUARY 2016?????????

Milan Dragovic says:

Nice video, glad you like my Trident 2 widget 😉

The Disliker says:

Which phone are you using in the video?

Rabin Sapkota says:

name of mobiles in backside plz

Alvin Cornelius says:

Why do you sound like an angsty teenager?

Vrushal Shravane says:

Which launcher are you using in the second setup that you showed?

Anthony Parker says:

What phone are you using in this video Howtomen? Moto X Pure? Nexus 6?

Damanteg Singh says:

I love how the nexus 6 is so wide is this just me?

Iván Zamudio says:

@dbrand is better

damjan_tzar says:

00:01 its not 2016:)


Great vid

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