Customize your Android Smartphone!

I show you ways you can customise your phone with themes, launchers, icon packs, and widgets in 2018! Android app links for the themes, wallpapers, icons and widgets are below (2018):
Check out Vikings: War of Clans:

Setup 5:
Walli Wallpaper:

Setup 4:
Gion Icons:
Iron Man Wallpaper:
Wallpapers on Google +:
Wallpapers on Deviantart:

Setup 3:
Wallpaper from Minimal O:
White Icon Pack:

Setup 2:
Pixel 2 Icons:
Mirror Lab:

Setup 1:
Pixbit Icons:

Widgets used:
Huk Zooper:
Fox Zooper:

Launchers used:
Microsoft launcher:
Nova Launcher:

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Ronin Cho says:

Need a dark/black theme ,more about Lean Launcher and dark/black icons. TY

Carson Lind says:

I cant find triangulation

Manjunath K Arkasali says:

Why don’t you share the back up of Nova launcher so we can just download and install it…

Saket Kumar says:

U never give complete apps as widget,wallpaper worst YouTuber !! Unsubscribed

Cb edit picsart Bayanker edit says:

Bro 3 wallpaper send Link me

xie nez says:

Will this work with vivo v9?

Babita Sarma says:

Hey Anyone has the link for setup 3 wallpaper. I don’t have enough space to download minimal O

DS Customization says:

Heyy bro just loved ur video but plz give the wallpaper in setup no.2

Ismael Nazar says:

Where do i get that clock widget?

billa chan says:

How i can get the wallpaper in setup #1 and the widget?pls answer me

Cb edit picsart Bayanker edit says:

Where is wallpapers

Elise Wouters says:

Act tribe corner testimony ever Asian insurance attack thinking sign faint.


How did you hide your dock or softkeys?

Anjum Yasmin says:

Setup #3 wallpaper?

Jitu Paikra says:

Which phone it is?

Auzeo says:


Hoo Dini says:

I just got a new huawei p smart and this video makes me soooooo happy

SimetrixOfficial says:

Can someone find wallpaper from 0:07 it’s really good I’m searching for it whole day can’t find it and in description there is no wallpaper.

Aaron Chislett says:

What’s the wallpaper called in setup 2?

Baharul Huzzain says:

I want that pikachu wallpaper. Anyone can help?

Nicklas L says:

What clock widget are you using with setup #2?

Tony Leong says:

How to get the tuesday wallpaper in setup 2 ?

Dextroy007 says:

Pls help i cant find tryanglation

Super S says:

what phone is that? is it the vivo apex??

NoobyBuisness says:

Hi I’m Justin Y

L O L says:

rip spidey

magemonkey 1234 says:

What wallpaper and widget is in Setup One?

Richard Marshall says:

what wallpaper is used in the setup #2?

Dhanith Suryavansi says:

Setup#4 wall paper app – Protanica

Ansari G says:

Thanks For This Awesome Wallpaper I Like Them What Is The Best Launcher For Android Reply ME

Ricardo Camejo says:

Setup #2: what’s name clock + info widget ?? Looks great

Sahil Ishtiaq says:

what is the wallpaper used in the setup 1

Gozanto|GFX says:

Your voice is beautiful man

Chandra Sekhar swamy says:

Bro, I really want that setup 2 wallpaper.
Please help me
Send to my email

Cb edit picsart Bayanker edit says:

Bhai please setup 3 wallpaper send Link me

lena de vos says:

wrist line great thing park active activity tide pole reject percentage.

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