Customize your Car with an App! Carista OBD2 Review – Netcruzer CARS

You can unlock features of your car, customize, diagnose, and service reset with Carista OBD2 device and Carista App. Works on iOS and Android!
Get Carista – USA: CANADA: *Thanks to Carista for supplying the genuine Carista adapter for review*
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mugenrios2k says:

Good info. I WAS liking this app/interface until it appears you must by the monthley service in addation to buying the OBD interface hardware…. 🙁

Do you have a recommendation for a tool like this app that the only cost is purchasing the Interface hardware?
Looking for a app/device for my 2019 4runner (USDM)

theZeek says:

It scanned my whole MKV in under 5 minutes. Zero faults

C7TV says:

I was reading about the free trial today on their website: “To get the free trial, just connect to your vehicle and attempt to use any paid feature in the Carista app and you’ll be presented with a purchase screen with 2 options. One of those options is for a yearly subscription and includes a free trial. Select that option and it will unlock all functionality in the app for the trial period.” You then CANCEL the subscription before the Free Trial expires to avoid being charged… ie it’s not an ‘extension’ as you stated, but a genuine free month stand-alone.
To CANCEL the sub, you have to manage it through Payments/Subscriptions on your phone (Apple iOS) not the app

Takeo Mack says:

OBD 11 is the best friend!

theZeek says:

You needed to read closer. You get a one month trial before you’re charged. It even tells you the date. You simply cancel before that date in your apple settings.

Netcruzer RC TECH CARS says:

Carista has PROs, such as iOS support, and multiple automotive manufacturer support. However, as CONs, for VAG cars it’s not as powerful as VCDS or OBDeleven and it’s slow. Also No manual canbus long coding is available in Carista. If the customization is not in the list they don’t support it. Also the Carista subscription is required to apply settings to your car. Netcruzer recommended Car Care and Automotive Scanners:

Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe! says:

VAG-COM is always free though

Mitchell Stark says:

Why is EVERY TIGHT ASS soooo worried about a few bucks a month if you dont want to pay then no one will make the tech it really pisses me off. do you go to work for free.

Gucci Cuchi says:

So you pay to have the customs on?if you pay and cancel it do you keep what customized or cancels customs when you cancel subscription

69District says:

You’re wrong about the sub. Bought this today. As I bought the original I ran the scan and then logged on to Play. Gave me a month free to 25 Nov then will take a year’s payment if I don’t cancel. Used on my Golf Mk5 2005. Fantastic app

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