Edge Lighting Tutorial & Customization | Note8, Galaxy S8 & GS8+

Tutorial with Explanation of Edge Lighting on the Galaxy Note8. This also will work and go with Galaxy S8 and GS8 Plus.

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smokedl says:

I have a note 8 but don’t see all those options, where are they located at

ccg1171 says:

Can you change the color to be different for individual callers.
Example my wife purple
Brother blue??

Aishwarya Ramakrishna says:

I cant find advance settings in edge lightening to change the colour. Can you help me out?

Samuel Lattuca says:

Advanced settings doesnt show for me i use a samsung galaxy s8

Zachary Morrow says:

Just got my NOTE8 yesterday and this helped a lot! Thanks!

unli rice says:

subscribed !

Mr Zomi says:

After Oreo Update on my Note 8 Edge lighting is not working.. Edge Lights are Stuck 🙁 Please help me


I have problem. https://youtu.be/aTtG4lKYsBs

Matthew Jones says:

I love edge lighting but mine only works when my screen is on even though I have always selected. I’ve changing every setting but I cant get edge to work when the screen is off, on the lock screen, or the always on display.

Massimo Vivona says:

What is the case called and where can I find it for my note 8?

N D Lords Hands says:

I see that your edge lighting circles your phone, is there a setting for that, mine does not do that.

travguy56 says:

Your videos are super helpful! Thank you! 🙂

dylan landry says:

Idk what it is but I have an s8+ and this feature is not on my phone.?

Majka Poláková says:

why cant i set edge lighting for messenger? its not in the list of apps.

Azenix says:

I hate it when people buy high end phones like this, and don’t even use any of these features.

iDillusionist says:

I have the note 8 I had no idea this was a feature. Awesome stuff bro cool video

Ben Car says:

Will it be avabile for edge 7,?

carrobin691 says:

Does it work on Gif wallpapers?

Joey Daugherty says:

Can contacts be color coded on S8+ like the s6 edge plus does for texts edge screen?

biggest150rider says:

It won’t work for message plus

Dong Carungay says:

Great help. Thanks.

777 says:


enzo2enzo2enzo says:

As if the NOTE 8 isn’t the best phone ever made!!!… Apple, look and learn…. after we lost Jobs, Apple lost all innovation….. the iPhone still functions exactly the same as it did 10 years ago…. newer models feature newer chips fair enough …however they all look the same year after year… bigger ecreen, smaller screen, bigger body, smaller body… home button… no home button…for fucks sake it’s 2018 and still their home screen still can’t have animations.. let alone a lit edge

Samuel Stevenson Jr. says:

this was def a setting group i did’nt know about….appreciate it thank you!

melvin martinez says:

Great job

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