Five Mac Apps You Should Be Using!

Looking for some apps to help improve your OS X experience? We’ve come up with a list of tweaks that will subtly improve your everyday experience.

Links to apps:


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med naji says:

I love American accent

Onorio Iacobelli says:

I think you have eaten the buffalo!! I’m joking, really good video!

lexter perez says:

That ControlAir App is awesome!!!!

Sam Schofield-flynn says:

could someone watch my video of me unboxing a Mac and give me some feedback please

Chuen Yang Chen says:

ControlAir just made me buy a Macbook Air.

Dylan Evans says:

people who hate macs probably just cant afford one

Young Gucci says:


Fanblade12 says:

these all blow

mrkthmn says:

awesome vid

Justin Browder says:

this dude was great in the new spider man movie

Phoaru says:

Fuck yourself

Wade sweeney says:

apples os is by far the better user experiences have both windows10 and Mac OS Sierra and the Mac OS stomps windows Imo.

Matthew Finch says:

Just tried controlair and waved my hand around for 10 minutes but it didn’t pick me up. good in theory and shame it didn’t work…

lordcolor says:

Instead of Alfred, I’d pick Launchbar.

Aric Roy says:

I wish Flashlight would work properly…

Craftinqsnow_ says:

aaahhh i love the control air so much now

Bassam Abulela says:

After watching that episode of Black Mirror and what happened to the dude after his webcam got hacked, I’d never use Control Air, no thank you.

123 dan says:

useful but speed as too fast

Darren Cunningham says:

That’s ridiculous fantastical was 9.99 back then, and now it’s 49.99.

Backpapier says:

1. Windows
2. Windows
3. Windows
4. Windows
5. Windows

ben peter says:

Cool video!
Will you please watch my list of best free Apps for Students for Mac & Win 10 and make a real video with the apps? Unfortunately I can only make slideshows.
Please search for: These apps will bring your Mac into the 21st century
Thank you!

Abinash Leo Navaseelan says:

nice video

liu shunan says:

How to download your wallpaper? I really like it! Thanks.

Tech Guru says:

You are a Buffalo

animu guy says:

can control air work on a hackin tosh laptop with a webcam

bshalek says:

@TechnoBuffalo Hey bud. I am unable to add some of these apps to my menu bar. I am on macOS Sierra 10.12.5. There is no menuextra plugin in my menu extras to allow me to add these apps to my menu bar. I bought Bartender to try and help as well, but no luck… 😐 Also, I ran across one of your vids to add Windows 10 to my Macbook – great video! Please help! Thanks!

PQ S says:

You need to wear a bigger shirt

Hayden S. says:

macs r fking trash

FireFlame! says:

WWWWHYYYYYYY 12997TH LIKE?!?!!!!11!!

Julian Munday says:

Had to like this

rayispro999 says:

I think Alfred definitely deserves a spot in this video..

Anyway, some more useful mac apps are

terr says:

dude… this guy is just selling apps.. he probably gets paid for making this sponsored video… it’s stupid

Marcio Sargento says:

I feel like Mac OS should natively have the features that HyperDock offers.

Durga Prasad says:

bastard this video has no meaning

Dani Wayne says:

Magnet is better than Bartender also much cheaper !!!

Donnie Callister says:

Flashlight doesn’t work (with the newest MacOS). Control Air doesn’t work. Really good review, TB! Did you at least TEST the apps, before selling out to the companies?

VVK says:

Download free licensed ms Windows from 1337 torrent thank m later

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