Galaxy S8: Must Have Apps for AMOLED Display!

First 10 Things for S8:
Top Tips to Customize:
Click below for links to all of the apps mentioned here!

Pocket Casts:
Solid Explorer:
Weather Timeline:
Fenix (alternative to Flamingo):

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ray h says:

Navbar Apps, will let you change your navbar during typing. Awesome app. U can change colors, add emojis, have a picture going across such as an Americn flag or even rainbow.

Wez OB says:

can’t figure out how to get the dark theme for feedly

truckman Andrade says:

What case do you have

ReFuzeTroll says:

Check out navbar in the Google play Store. Quick fix for your navigation bar problem

TheGreatMunky says:

Google Keyboard was better before the Gboard update. I downloaded the apk and turned off the auto-update so that it doesn’t become Gboard.

IceeColdGamer says:

hehehe he i know your phone #

Mustafa Quraish says:

What’s that white bar/line thing below the navbar buttons? I’ve been trying to look it up for the longest time but I can’t seem to find any answers, and it’s been bothering me quite a bit.

Tech4YourNeeds says:

I see you like dark theme on everything.


Now its s8 only content, dont like it, really..

Fabianó Rochè says:

hey Jeff Springer, how did you get your screen to look like the thumb nail?

XeniX The Gamer says:

Have you changed the animation to 0.5 seconds so it feels snappy?

Sako Gueyikian says:

What the flip does amoled mean

Andrew Allicock says:

What case is that! I love how it makes the s8 looks

Carlos Manas says:

get chrooma which is almost the same with gboard but has the option for the navbar to copy ur theme color for the keyboard.

Donnersberger says:

also good for the s8: “Black_Neon_Flat”-theme…

Kt H says:

If you feel like messing with this, this will change your navigation colors. I did it and it’s totally worth it.

Sakura Eq says:

Do I need to download all those apps to my Samsung S8 plus?

Aishik Ashraf says:

Am I.. Am I the first…?

Kynie2 says:

Get the Nav Bar app to force your bar to always be the color you select.

Josh Evans says:

Did u make textra ur default app?

Nik Banga says:

You really like everything black don’t you?

P. Mosley says:

Coming from a Windows Phone, this is perfect. Thank you. I also found Digi-cal to have a great dark theme. I just can’t find out how to upload my Outlook calendar on it.

Ayrton Cassar says:

What’s the grey ‘panel’ sort of on the bottom of the screen on the edge is for the edge panels but the bottom one idk help pls?

Cristian Castillo says:

Will the new update coming fix the red tint or will we have to manually adjust it?

Zack Lumly says:

The white bar underneath the keyboard on GBoard has been killing me! There has to be a solution!

jezuzfreek777 says:

I can save you time….. just download any app with dark themes.

Jeff Springer says:

Two More Bonus Apps, even though I have mentioned these before. AMOLED wallpapers apps…


AMOLED mnml:

Ali says:

Will these methods work on phones that have amoled but aren’t the s8 or s8+? (Ex. Oneplus 3t, Pixel)

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