Galaxy S9+ Good Lock 2018 Review: What’s New and Is it Worth it?

Galaxy S9+ First 10 Things:
S9+ Customization Tips:
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another artist says:

if they make good lock a thing you can get in the US officially, i’d consider getting a samsung phone.

Youssuf M. says:

I downloaded the app from apkmirror, but what about the needed apks? Where can I get them from?
So, when I open it, it gives me a blank screen.

Massimo Crimi says:

I just got the app on my Note 8 to the Galaxy store needs to download the APK files it works fine check out

saransh kanoongo says:

hey jeff i just installed the apk but it isn’t working on my s9

Manilo Graniglia says:

I’ve got it on my S8 Plus and it works great

Kevin Garrett says:

Is this compatible with swift installer?

Rich Doherty says:

Jeff I’m using substratum for black notification background. That with goodlock has made my notifications and quick toggles exactly how I want them. Try it out.

Ahmed says:

any thing for nougat ???? pls

Prince Revolver says:

Looks cool. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get it until I get my note 9.

D- Sean says:

This pretty much proves what I said before. Which is “i dont even get excited about android software updates. I get excited for Samsung u.i software update, because it brings better features ” and if this is a android p preview, it’s well worth the wait. Ppl can joke that Samsung takes longer to send “android updates ” but that’s because Samsung implement their own features

Michael Robinson says:

Tried it and liked that now I can have more than two apps on my lockscreen. Takes up a lot of ram though.

iamjeffness says:

How is the performance when running good luck customization? Really want to you, appreciate your feedback in reply! 🙂

samson td says:

The app is available now in the samsung store

Mohammed Al-Ghamdi says:

Way too many steps!

Slifer7564 says:

Hey I got the app working with just downloading the apk

Andres Correa says:

If you have a S8 you don’t have to use Quick Shortcut Maker

Cloud Thomas says:

i tried this on my note 8 it installed, but it came up blank once launch, so maybe it only works on s9?

Maria Elena Cabrera says:

Thank you Jeff!

one and a half gamer says:

Can i get the good lock functions on my old s7 edge? I believe it has android 8.0

Eduardo Velazquez says:

Cant for google to copy samsung…..again

Jeff Concepcion says:

Does it work on Galaxy A8Plus 2018 Nougat?

Ibrahim Mohsin says:

Just installed these on my 12hrs old S9+ and I’m loving it.

Genaro S. Jaramillo-Guitton says:

Just downloaded

S. says:

I like it, works pretty great.

Thomas Andersen says:

Of course they finally push this out after I sold my note 8 for a OnePlus 6.. feelsbad. Would have liked to try this out

edgarttr69 edgarttr says:

No you can update the app on galaxy Store from goodluck app to have full access.

Jimmy says:

It finally works now. It came up with a blank screen before when opening the app

Prabhjot Lidhar says:

Had it the day it got leaked

Love it on my s9+

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