Google Live Cases: Super Custom!

Taking custom cases to the next level with live cases. Only for Nexus.

Live Cases Studio:

Facets art:

Dope Tech #2: Customs

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


#mylivecase video made for Google


Urbancoding says:

It’s for only nexus?

Mark O'Sullivan says:

Can anyone explain how to remove the case for Nexus 6P?

pramod mahajen says:


Holkeeen says:

Still cant get it.-

Ruziqo daham 2100 says:

i need to join in youtube

inglourious basterds says:

well that was disapointing….

Aditya Srivastava says:

Check it out

Preston Johnson says:

Dude, I hate to be a hater. But I NEED to know if this case adds some grip to the device. Pixel phones are insanely sleek… and slippery. Please respond.

theEdition | gaming and more says:

I can’t used Justin mallets gost 2

Anas Miah says:

what is the background called?

Ithikorn I. says:

why it always shows illegal copyright? how can you create that live case?

Donovan Ingram says:

can I set the NFC button to trigger Google assistant

roronoa 3 sword style says:

every time MKBHD does this intro I got to replay it.

ERIK NOX says:

kiero participar en su programa adsedses

Tushar Batra says:

Thanks for making such great videos sir. I’m your biggest fan


this is me

vinit hardikar says:

U rock MKBHD keep sharing these videos with us!!!

قناة تنوع says:

اريد التسجيل في جوجل adsens

Tingi Master says:

what is the music for his intro

William Damron says:

I’d rather not pay 40 bucks for a custom case

Darian Shamsa says:

hey what is this kind of artwork on the case he ordered called? someone please tell me soon.

7ab gamd says:

اشترك في قناتي و انا اشترك في قناتكم اكتب تم الاشتراك و مردودة

Nathan Sieben says:

Boston Ironside! They beat Sockeye at nationals sadly ;(

Sorin Mihai says:

Don’t they have to get permission from the artist who created the design to use the image on the case?

Cub & Stallion says:

Is there anything like this for apple Products?

Michael Weng says:

$40 is way to expensive for most of us.

Reign Havic says:

anyone else trying to use the image from the same site Marques used and getting the copyright warning from Google? This is BS that they won’t let me use the images like Marques did….

Young Gad says:

good case bily

Michael Opoku says:

First place to see

Love Guru says:

Hey… How to monetize the YouTube videos

openmindead1 says:

Dammit I thought it was literally live… like you can just upload an image and it changes instantly. That would be innovative.

Eric Kennedy says:

Hey MKBHD. Since you’re not a case guy, you looking to get rid of or sell these cases? they’re awesome and I am looking for a rad case for my Nexus 6P to liven it up. Hit me up if interested!

JustYoNormalFangirl says:

Does google make these for the Pixel too?

Marvin Wayne says:

Now we wait for the day when all major phone manufacturers have this sort of service.

BenDover says:

I have that case as my wallpaper

AnnoyingAshley says:

they are epic im getting ready for my pixel im getting wednesday


wtf is this

mr. nobody says:

is it still available?


how to buy logo case product

imo ekpo says:

Just see this

Matthew F Reyes says:


Hugh Janus says:

What’s the case made out of? And why aren’t you a big case person?

Aditya Chauhan says:

can anybody give the link to the wallpaper he used on the first phone. I am unable to find it .

Abu Bakar says:

can you help me

Benrgaya Mourad says:

fer la fet aveq golgle

bob joe says:

I really want that wallpaper for the Pixel, but I cant get it cause its copywrited

Vollukk says:

i cant use the live cases studio, when i press the link i just get to a page that shows chromecast

George Murray says:

super custom but the id system for pictures is so broken you cant use any appealing case designs

papi kay says:

aee bruh… can you help me with any other similar site for samsung galaxy s7

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