Google Pixel: Making it mine – custom widgets, backgrounds, launcher, and more

▶ Check out some dbrand skins to spruce up your Pixel and Pixel XL:

Here’s what’s on my Google Pixel. I basically show you my homescreen, widgets, wallpapers, and much more. Enjoy!
▶ Apps Needed
Zooper Widget Pro ($2.99)

Popup Widget 3 ($1.49)

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker (FREE)

Milus widget for KWGT (FREE)

Ango ($1.49)

Candycons (For the Folders – FREE)

▶ Files Needed (Zooper Widgets, Wallpapers, etc.):

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Background Music:
▶ Back Alley Kat:

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edvxrd says:

Best walls out there either google earth collection or unsplash.

Niraj Prajapati says:

IPhone users go home, this isn’t your territory!

Patrick C says:

when’s d Brand gonna leave people alone. youre not winning any customers here.

Clorox Bleach says:

i disliked the video because of kanye west

Sindre Eiklid says:

can the dbrand skin be removed or is it stuck on your phone?

ivan chirindja says:

What happened with that guy on the Show ? Lmao

Cjnator38 says:

For icon packs get this app
Also it still has animations and The Android O Style

Lukas T says:

amazes me how skins are still so popular. nearly any skin I have seen on devices seemed way off – like yeah…wrapped.

Andrew Todd says:

Dude I need this wallpaper!! What’s the name of it?!

jezusghoti says:

Thanks for drobbing the ling to the dbrand skin but I worry it will affect my buddins.

Shellyman Studios says:

My Nexus 6P haven’t gotten the security patch updates since August. Does anybody have tips?

Sam Griffin says:

You have to have a KWGT pro key to get the music widget?

Jason Anderson says:

That’s some advanced Zooper shit. Very cool.

Tommy Crosby says:

You don’t want to use widgets that could drain your battery and then use two different custom widgets from two different widget makers…

STEPH R says:

Hi, Did you shake your phone to change launchers in this video? How did you do that?

Nick Ritson says:

do you have the kayne wallpaper for me!!!!!!!! thankyou, also is that a wallpaper app or the google pixel stock lockscreen?


Arpit pandey says:

from where should i get this wallpaper?

Jeremy C. says:

that dbrand looks like shit there. usually they all do in these youtube videos.

2k says:

Zooper is deprecated… kwgt is better… IMO

Skyleon says:

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I really want the Pixel XL. At this point, is it worth getting the Pixel? or should I wait for the iPhone 8 or the next Pixel?

Alan Southern says:


James Jung says:

Hi! I like your wallpaper, could you tell me where to find it? Thx

derSchwarzkopf says:

fun fact, your name means woodmaster in german

Max Patchs says:

thanks for showing Ango Icon Pack

ITALO Junior says:

The music widget is not in the google drive folder. Give me him please

photo_7zn #الصورة_تقول says:

how can I change the emoji ??? I really don’t like them 🙁

Sarfraz Khan says:

Pixel never beat apple both phones are own way

whachusay says:

dbrand is shit. and its being more annoying now.

dominionn09 says:

Sent two back already. Bluetooth is a big problem with Android auto

Nikka M says:

Really nice setup, pop up widget is great

GAMING withAman says:

I need that wallpaper

Jasper says:

Why does every widget cost money?

Wisdoms says:


Niketan Rai says:

pixel or s7 edge?

Rohit Dhyani says:

Liked it

Zuned Mistry says:

thanks for the video helped alot

The Pussy Diaries says:


Juan Sutton says:

I’m sorry, that dbrand skin was ugly, it looked like it was wrapped in a piece of paper

Mohit Goel says:

Everything is nice but your skin not looking good it completely hides pixel look and too many widget apps so complicated because google play music already have its own widget

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