I show you how I customize my Android phones (currently the Google Pixel XL), with the main focusing being maximizing efficiency.


Nova Launcher:
Materialistik Icon Pack:
HD Widgets:
Philips Hue:
Hydro Coach:
Energy Bar:
Nav Bar:
Button Mapper:
Light Manager:



Sheetza Man says:

excellent video

Dicky Ie says:

First question :
Drain battery or not

jona maier says:

use macrodroid instead of tasker beacause its easier and simpler

Rahimi Ramlee says:

David Rahimi my name is Rahimi too

Sheetza Man says:

#isheep ROASTED

Michael Newcomb says:

how were you able to setup double tap to open torch flashlight? I couldnt find a way to set that up.

Soheil Azizi says:

how long does your battery lasts? 5 minutes? I’m an Android guy and i have had an s6 edge for over 2 years now. but these launchers ans stuffs just messes up with battery life

MuDsHaDoW says:

Navbar is available for users of lollipop and above. wtf dude.

It's a me Mario says:

Nah the Twilight app is better

Dhtxtc says:

I love android phones but i also have a jailbroken iphone 7 plus and its just as customized

Moh Jeb says:


Chinmay bapat says: use too many apps..its good u use a phone like pixel with lots of storage n ram… nova launcher is the best app i found..! 😀


You can all of these things but your phone is not slow??

UltraTntGamer says:

Bro i love customizing my Galaxy s5 and really the s5 is still good. It has a nice 16 MP camera, and mine doesn’t slow down or lag like other people’s. Obviously it doesn’t compare to the phones now but this phone can still last me another year. And damn did he went all out with his customization like BRUH tf. I only use Nova Launcher and Elun icon pack. But his phone tho… DAMN BOII

יהב יהלום says:

what is your wallpaper?

Taran Agnew says:

How did you get the bar on the bottom of the screen to swipe?

VexWard says:

Why will nobody realize how bad the google pixel is

Aminul islam says:

Customize your android as the way you want
see it here:

Dylan Whisnant says:

I remember the good ole days when he used to do frequent drop test and speed test instead of this click bait crap

William Marques says:

Hey David, what’s up?! You know, you could do a video showing us all the apps you have on your phone.

UltraTntGamer says:

Man thanks for this you customized your phone damn much. And gave me a few inspirations

Mika Blackword says:

Doesn’t it uses a lot of RAM since so many apps are running in your phone. I use S7. I don’t have too many apps but it uses lots of RAM. I wish I could do something about it.

Michael Robinson says:

Do u have a nova backup file for this setup?

Jeremy Chua says:

My friends who have androids don’t even customize their phones

Danyaal Butt says:

What app do you use for the pinch in and out for the camera ?

lindsay c says:

Wayyyyyy more creative than Apple!

Hansa boeh says:

4:03 What app is that?

Tech 98 says:


Jamal Smith-Graham says:

thanks David.
that was an amazing video with some great tips!

DD_xShadow says:

thanks for the vid man, been looking for new ways to customize my j5 FOREVER

Ajay Kumar says:

nice video david…good to see some side stuff on this channel

Christopher Pereira says:

Awesome video with some great tips. Any way you can post a backup of your Nova setup? I think it’s great to tryout other people’s setup, but have going through the setup process.

Qi Huna says:

I’m still waiting for the S9

kei norton says:

pls do a part 2 and part 3 and so on everytime you redizine your phone

sam dx says:

where you get these wallpaper from

Vinícius says:

I don’t know why I like to watch these videos as I own an iPhone 7 Plus

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