how i decorate/customize my android! *girly & cute* | DIYDazzleNails

no root and no launcher

phone themeshop apk:
pink wallpaper:!YDw0xQLY!mWXDkMUERWdUkV2reVFd94OZmrz_IlFMzZ0zOa2frwc
chinese new year wallpaper:!wHYRBRzD!qFlzDODZLfPMXGG1oTMPvrpe6eWKOEiCQW3RKohwkEI
icon theme:

♡- socials
snapchat: clairesnation

♡- helpful links:
dotting Tools:
nail wheel:
nail striper brushes:

♡- faq
favorite nail polish brand? I love OPI or China Glaze.
how do you film and edit? I use Windows Live Movie Maker and my Nikon D5300 to film.
how old are you? I am 15.

♡- today’s music:
All music go to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

♡- bye everybody! love you to Asgard and back hehe! ♡


Diana Claro says:

What is the app for your clock design? And I want your lock screen wallpaper so badly..

noiqueen says:

You dont have to use an APK anymore, because the app is on the Google Play Store! It’s not only in Korea btw it is everywhere

p mccmcc says:

Is the whole Photoshop theme shop all in chinese

Kiyumie says:

I love your video!! Definitely gonna subscribe! Umm, by the way. For some reason I can’t download the phone deco app that you used for the clock widget. Do you recommend any other apps??

Hannah Wang says:

I love all your phone videos! This was really helpful!

momof 2 says:

I have Samsung s9 Plus totally recomend you! Is a good phone T-Mobile

nisa says:

It would be so cool if you could do more phone customization videos.. like just recording it every time you customize your phone again :’)

Leticia Viveiros says:

I loved the video, I’m Brazilian, my friends and I watched you.♥️

Astou Ndiaye says:

You CAN simply use the app “galaxy theme

Black Cat says:

I’m debating on getting the s7.. does your phone get warm a lot? 😮

Sydney's world says:

Is is 3 am or 3 pm

Susan Nguyen says:

your videos help me sooooooo much. i hate using launchers as well and sometimes the samsung themes are cute but i don’t like their icons with it. so this helped me alot. yaaaaassssss

II grapemon II says:

Omg they have bts ……. Nice vid btw

Leyna Nguyen says:

Your phone is super cute, it makes me miss my Android 🙂 Also, I can’t believe you’re only 15, you come off as a lot more mature ^^

iwillgohome says:

How do you get the text underneath the app black?? Tysm if u reply ❤❤

p mccmcc says:

Did you try out the emoji phone app very cute 5 million users very customizable

Cloudy sky says:


Just Me says:

What is the theme that you were using before , I mean the samsung theme . Hope you will answer..

Anisa'sBack Haters says:

I really wish i was fair skin so I can be kawaii people think its weird when black people do it

herizal says:

i want all of your wallpaper

Flora Colombiana says:

What phone is that? I haven’t seen a pink Samsung before

mochi says:

I cant get the wallpaper links. Can you send them to me on Instagram? Mine is : cosmiclunax

Hawaii Gaming says:

Which phone is that? Can I have one:3?

Hello Mr says:

How do you add the Shazam and light widget

Aaliyah Mcgrone says:

Can you give me the link to the polar bear wallpaper plz

Diana M. says:

What is your theme called that you used before? The one that you used before you changed it to Default?

Chantal Gamer says:

Can you delete the app?

팬 소녀BTS says:

Welp time to but that phone

-good bye iPhone X max

William Escalante says:

Why don’t you have a sum card?

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