How to customize Android Smartphone with KWGT and Nova Launcher

Learn how to customize your Android smartphone with Nova
Launcher and KWGT custom widget maker.

Jump to KWGT tutorial: 7:46

It is really easy and absolutely a delight once you learn how to use it. The more you play with it and try it out – the better you get at it.

Customizing Android in simple steps.
Learn how to use KWGT widgets and Nova launcher to customize your Android smartphone. Easily change the grid size, apply icon packs, enable/disable dock, change folder previews, add customizable gestures, customize app drawer, resize widgets and much more with Nova Launcher.

KWGT widgets gives you access to more than thousands of widgets. Time based widgets, location based widgets, social widgets, app based widgets, text based widgets, music based widgets, etc. are possible kind of widgets that you can create, customize and place on your homescreen.

Widgets can also be customize not just in appearance but also in their functionality. You can create hotspots on each widget and make every element perform a different action. All of this is explained in the video. So watch the entire video to learn to do that!

The royalty-free music used in this video is ‘Social Network’ by Michael Adels.
(, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description.
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One Time Records says:

Tell me bro

Ghad Rukanika says:

What phone is that

karthik pallati says:

Bro can you share that wallpaper

Kandhan Chillz says:

How to set custom rom for samsung mobile which i don’t like in Samsung mobiles.

Jazz434343 says:

Your the man

One Time Records says:


Megha Kathawate says:


RJ Kaur says:

super helpful! looking forward to getting my note 9 later this week!

Carlos Cabalza says:

do tutorial on whitish one i like the set-up. thanks

pradip kumar babou says:

Great video…. Please post the video for the second set up (0:14sec) looks amazing 🙂

sameen says:

nova is not working properly this is strange nobody cares about it

Fallacy Walker says:

Great video .
What’s the phone with tear drop at the beginning ?

Syed Arman says:

Cool.I bought nova launcher prime, kwgt pro and some icon packs long ago but never had a beautiful setup like these.Your setups are really nice.I will try to creat one myself

Егор Лев says:

Hello. Do you can give APK of Oppo system launcher for any devices? Or Take from Oppo original. Please


Have a look on 7:46

BackYard FrameWorks says:

Put a indian accents warning.

ZULU Z says:

Nice video, but too difficult


Go launcher. Is number 1


can any one tell me which phone is this

Melsyte says:

I thought this was a tutorial on how to get a home screen like you but
This video is just a tutorial on how to use nova launcher and KWGT
You deserve a dislike

Im’a Potato says:

I hate nova louncher tbh

boby antony says:

Gud one

AlphaRej Pubg says:

How to delete a part of the widget from a stack?

Nischal Thapa says:

Which phone
Is this?????

Suboohi Shaikh says:

Omg so much of creativity❤️loving it❤️

Suraj Ghosh says:

Give me the wallpaper

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