How to Customize iPhone for FREE – iOS 10 – No Jailbreak Required!

How to Customize iPhone iOS 10 – No Jailbreak Required!
How to Jailbreak:
Perfect Jailbroken iPhone – Sex at the Beach!:
Top 50 FREE Jailbreak Tweaks:

Hide Dock/Folder Wallpaper:
Circle Wallpapers:
Blank Icons/Folder Icons:


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Génesis zhunio says:

It doesn’t work for the IPhone 6s -10.3 version

Виталий Репин says:

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Red Gallifrey says:

Guys, the darker screen doesn’t work for some of the most recent updates. The best you can do is if you get a white pixel. The phone can’t blur (whiten) an already white pixel.

schindlerteejay94 says:

This glitch was fixed on iOS 10.3.3

Unity Fusion says:

It doesn’t work

Ezeri Geometry Dash says:

Please make an actual jailbreak for iOS 11 when it comes out

Spacetheaterprince says:

The first one to get rid of the icons doesnt work

Kagan Unal says:

This video can even change apples idea about customizing your device

Cris Reyes says:

This shit doesn’t work

Brad Sarboukh says:

This looks incredibly interesting and my buddy who works as Apple tech support confirmed it won’t mess anything up or void the warranty. If i wanted to change it back to Stock iOS though after the fact, how would I go about that?

Shivam Bhavsar says:

when u download an app it brings the app lables back

Heelarius says:

It’s so lit thanks so much

Cat lover200,000,000 says:

And phone too

NIKelodeon says:

I can’t use the pixel for a wallpaper

J Canan says:

Who figures this shit out lol

Skittlez The cat says:

It works.

Allen Chen says:

Does this still work for the latest ios?

my crazy life says:

fuck this is fake

Parani Potato says:

Get an android


I can’t get rid of the dots

Clorox Bleach says:

How do I get rid of the custom icons and set them to default?

Виолетта Николаева says:

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Bradley Morris says:

This is a great video. Definitely what us 10.2 iPhone 7 users needed!

Fanta Gero says:

How do we change back to normal?

Scoot Summers says:

This didn’t work

BudderYum says:

The hide icon label didnt work please help and the black pixel too

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