How to CUSTOMIZE iPhone on iOS 12! (No Jailbreak)

How to CUSTOMIZE iPhone without Jailbreak iOS 12!

Here’s a tutorial on how to customize your iPhone without the need of a jailbreak on iOS 12.1.2 and below! We’ll run through how to get blank icons, how to get an invisible dock & more!

Invisible Dock:
Blank icons:
Face ID icons:

Were you able to customize your device? What else would you like to be able to do without a jailbreak?

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Mus says:

This is not customizing, without jailbreaking, iPhone will remain as shit device that costs $1000 and you can’t do anything in it. Ohh its battery life is really horrible

Thomas Tatar says:

Nobody cares about customizations, ios is all you need!

Jerand Macapagal says:

Play JoonGo and win a Razer Headset this new year! download here:

Jared Ohse says:

The invisible dock is clickbait dont try



Rennie Ash says:

I managed to find another site where I can also save the images, then used shortcuts app to make the icons. Also means I don’t need to use a website bookmark all over my screen 🙂

Jonathan Rosales says:

Wait one question for the second trick my doesn’t work I press share then the icon doesn’t appear pls help

KeiAr Kun says:

is it working on iphone 6plus?

Brandon Butch says:

What else would you like to be able to customize without a jailbreak?

Yodanoda Gaming says:

Ahh you live in pa

Chronicles of a Human Being says:

Go, Steelers!

Oreo Bug says:

Love the unlock animation thanks Brandon

Rennie Ash says:

Not working on iPhone SE, could not find layout for screen size

Colton Rowe says:

Whoa, I thought this was going to be a fake cydia video again, but this stuff is awesome! Nice vid

kNW1 says:

Awful customization, If any designer of Apple see this, they will be freaking out.

Eliecer .M. says:

iPhone without the bottom dock looks ugly

Christian Flowers says:

This is awesome

OblivioN - سايان says:

Jailbreak for 12.1?

Gretchen L. Taylor says:

Does this also work on a iPhone 6s?

Jennifer Arevalo says:

how do i change my folder background color to its original color?

Richard Bonnell says:

This stuff isn’t nothing new.

XxOsirisxX says:

This is hardly “customization”, it’s just placing images. Also, in the first one, the position you pick does matter, as it’s meant to be used with images, not just a plain color.

Mr. Director says:

This is underwhelming

Atom• says:

Thanks for the vid Brandon. But wanted to ask about ios 12.1.2, i heard and read that it has issues with xs max iphones. So i did not update yet. What would you recommend please? My ios now is 12.1.1

jamieandrew2010 says:

hw could you have the icons not blocking the wallpaper when you have to use block coloured wallpapers or you get can just see the coloured app blocks………..

Actheman1978 says:

Good video, very informative and well done. But this is waaay too much work. Apple can do better than this. And I’m an iPhone user. It can’t be too much trouble for them to allow customization of icon placement.

pikachuking says:

Hey, I was trying to add the invisible apps to the home screen but I didn’t have the option :/. After I clicked share, nothing appeared

Maks Render says:

Dock since iPhone x came out should look like this … no bottom bar with icons just background

Bank Boi says:

Thank you

Shawn Schrader says:

Wallpaper with clear dock. These tweaks of using clear dock as long as u use solid color wallpaper is dumb.

Bala Chander says:

I am not getting add to home screen

Eloïse Mouille says:

Thx so much now my phone doesn’t look boring as hell!

Rê Pinto says:

Thanks, show us more !!!!

Tech 1on1 says:

wow, so much shit to achieve basic shit on android. just horrible.

Fra96 says:


5N4CK 51Z3 says:

Thank u sm! I have the iPhone XR and I have had a blast w all the effects and tricks. My friend has the xs and he has used them too!

Mykel Hernandez says:

Crazy how we have to all of this just to customize our phones. Apple got to do better

Ender Wang says:

Does it work on the newest iPad pro 11 inch one?

Bala Chander says:

Always when I zoom in with my iPhone X in your video it always hides the notch

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