How to Customize your iPhone NO jailbreak Required

How to hide the dock & Place icons Anywhere on the Screen iOS 11.1 – 11.2

Hide the Dock

Blank icons

How to get iPhone X LIVE Wallpapers on ANY iPhone FREE No Computer required

iOS 11.2 Beta 4 What’s New ?

How to Get Animoji on ANY iPhone iOS 11


Freed_juvia Freedj says:

Bro can you add also a video that hide the status bar by using this wallpaper

Lil Matt says:

I’m trying to jailbreak but there’s literally no way that works.

Bhanuj Chaudhary says:

Awesome man!

Rene Alicea says:

Is there a way hide or elimnate the icon labels ?

NYR14477 says:

Have you or anyone here been having problems with the maps and google maps app with it not updating in real time. Anyone know of a fix or something I can do to fix this. I’ve changed all my settings in a million different ways and still nothing. Thanks everyone


Mine worked on the invisible home screen which was pretty awesome thanks bro!

chelsea fifa guy says:

Lol the life for apple users

Teckiverse says:

When I select the share option for the icon, it doesn’t show a ‘add to home screen’ option

Reecer Peecer 833 says:

I can’t read Chinese and it’s too complicated

Djyle Reiv says:

Can you click it?

Felicia H says:

I don’t have the option to add to home screen when clicking the share icon. Can I add that as an option?

martiniglistensyeah says:

For the “hide icons” thing, wouldn’t you see an inconsistency when you swipe between pages on your home screen? TBH I don’t see what’s wrong with the grid display.

King says:

Stfu android fan gays cheapfucks

alan passmore says:

Hi I’m section for the blank icon. Go through the motions and sand to my home screen, for some reason i don’t have the option of home screen

EJay8906 says:

Blank Icon didn’t work for me on 11.2

Mykel Hernandez says:

when it comes to customization apple sucks man fr

ADK Tech ! says:

Now thats called a theme ! Good job…

Saqib Zaman says:


Everything. Com says:

Where is the link

Phonetweaks says:

I’m going to do this thanks for the info and help always been subscribed!

Cell m8 says:

aint download anything from anywhere these days

X Krazy says:

Why you keep doing things on the iPhone X that you claim you’re able to do on any iPhone?

Butch Stain says:

And how to come back to normal?!!

Punch Down King says:

It’d be nice if Apple let us change the lock screen look and features of the home screen. Or jailbreak users could make a goddamn jailbreak for every version of ios 11 instead of everyone focusing on two versions

马瑞霖 says:

Where is the URL link??thx。

SuperSunny9211 says:

Lol this is troll for apple users…adding invisible icons is like making fool to yourself

Shehan Lahiru says:

Ur awesome bro i love ur channel

TeamTantum Is Beast says:

Omg dat ding aan de onderkant gaat gwn fk weg het ziet er echt supper mooi uit

Hanbang Jiang says:

thanks!!! now i finally know how!!!

Brandon Baker says:

Stupid dumb fuck nothing worked

T.J Combo says:

shit doesnt work

achim weissenhorn says:

Perfekt… have you an comletly Black screen ans dock

Kimie Channel says:

I try in ios 10 its work

Mikeygeronimo says:

cool thanks

Aremns Code says:

Omfg. ISheeps do that what Apple said, and fuck you and your opinion

sam walker says:

Hide dock is not working on my ios 11.1.2

Chris Wilson says:

You sound like a cunt, your voice is worse than top 15

Walter White says:

why anybody would like to do this?

Karan Warde says:

idevicehelp Are u facing battery issue on X ? It drains fast while using but stand by is good ! If anyone facing nd having solution for this plzz let me know and also in how many mins of usage does ur 1% reduces ??

Slithering Spike says:

now i can prank my friends

John says:

I think apple should let us customise our chooses ie dock, labels under app files

///AMG says:

iOS is trash

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