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Chupamobile gives you everything you need to create a stunning App or a Game, right at your fingertips. We make it fun to launch your own App, it’s hassle-free, and you don’t need any coding or design skills.

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Daiana Fontana says:


author bon says:

i purchase one app with name Places Near-Create Your Location Based Android App, the chupamobile wrote on there page that theyt refund the customer, if it faced issue, and the author do not solve the issue, or the app not working like the descreption, the app not working, taking 1-3 minutes to render the datra, the author refuse to help me , chupamobile do not want to refund me,,, they care about money… never giving mind for customer satisfaction ………… please before be aware before purchse form CHUPAMOBILE

Wise Whys says:

After buying a source code that was far older than stated, they continued to literally patronize me. Theyre customer service is one person, who refuses to offer any real help or refunds. They say they updated code, which they didnt. Made me waste even more time, only for them to tell me politely that I’m screwed. Now I have no product that i can work with, ive wasted two weeks in trying, and I’m insulted. DO NOT DO BUSINESS. I dont care how good it may sound. I wish I would have read the reviews on this company first.

Joshua Raja says:


junior bmx says:

fake fake fake fake fake fake fake

Plot 31 says:

Honestly, you can hire anybody to do literally anything these days, even doing the idea stealing haha 😛 Interesting concept though!

Ömer ULUS says:

The name of the song is Clocks by the Coldplay

Asher Rasco says:

“I have Dreamt of launch my own app.”

“I have Dreamt of Eat my Breakfast.”

I have Dreamt of Drive My car.”


Jerald Punx says:

create a copyright app… very nice

Vinicius Pacheco says:

What’s the song’s name?

Marci Takács says:

Darude-Sandstorm I’m just kidding 😛
I don’t know the name of song. sorry :/

skeletonz X says:

pure bullshit all templates are 100$+ and if you want a good one around 200$ customization is shit your app is going to be the same thing as another person who used the same app don’t even try this trust me

Ggman 233 says:

Fuck you

TonyPony Gaming says:

Why did I have to pay $999?! This sucks, I mean it! I wanted my apps to be F*CKING FREE! DONT DO THIS! ITS A MONEY TRAP!

author bon says:

this video i make it, the app that i use form chupamobile, and it take 1.3 minutes to load the data… while the mobile friendly open within 5 sconds.. check by your self

CookieGAMES says:


John Westlen says:

This is a joke, classic “selling dreams to get rich, not opportunities”, smh

Joanne Smith says:

Anyone tried this yet?

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