Hyperion Launcher Full Overview! A Nova Competitor?

Hey guys! Pretty long video this time around. Taking an in-depth look at the brand new Hyperion Launcher! What do you think? Grab it for free right here – http://bit.ly/2J1X6Xy

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acdbrn2000 says:

I’m using lawnchair with the lawnfeed addon (google feed).

Ben Morningstar says:

does it have double tap to sleep?

zeki rami says:

Great vedio nicelauncher .can please do Apex luncher

Chad Suggs says:

Ok you convinced me to try it. It’s going to be tough for Hyperion to pull me away from Nova for good but we shall see. Great video thanks

Javrien says:

Flick Launcher is the best no cap

SoveckyiFonaryk says:

There is no it in Google play. because of xiaomi redmi 5 or because i’m from russia

Omkar Waghmare says:

Wallpaper please.

Neal Gautam says:

Which is the using Icon Pack in this video?

oVxzi says:

You have to take this launcher for what it is. It is a fresh, out the box new launcher. Also, Nova Launcher hasn’t been updated since May 2018. Even more said, I was talking with some of the devs of Hyperion and they said that Nova Launcher is age-old. It might have a lot of features that Hyperion don’t have but at the same time, Hyperion is updated almost every week, said by one of the devs. Therefore, you have to try it out for a while before you can jump and say “Nova launcher is better”. Personally, I bought the paid version of Hyperion and love it.


font feature doesn’t work :/
what a waste of credits buying the pro version …

Mohd Sahil says:

Nova launcher already have far more staff then this ,nova is the best

WZRDish says:

Can anyone help me!!! I used to have that clock and weather widget, but it’s now gone!!! What’s it called???

AAM says:

Maybe use a launcher for more than 10 minutes and customize it before making a video about it for 221k subscribers.

Mudabbirul Waris says:

What’s Profile Manager called for Nova Launcher Prime?

Erik Lundstedt says:

Please review lighting launcher

Adyn says:

Lazy video, not your best work dude.

Sol MD says:

Is this better than Nova Launcher in your opinion?

nargapish xps2 says:

Does the marvel universe come with it??

sameen says:

cmon, when u cant hide search barr in app drawer is not cool….

nicolez says:

PERSONALLY: It’s a good launcher especially for minimalists but the flexibility of it might be overstretched. Having full-on control over your things and how it’s done is great and all but not knowing anything about the options or features’ capability can really cause a disaster. Tutorials and how the options work exist yes but learning all these features hands-on might be a thunderstorm of features and the stability of your tweaking for the launcher should be neutral for easy and understandable access and not as a book of a 100 ways to solve GEMDAS or something. Customization may be very available but just like Nova it also includes a paid version for more options so I don’t find it much of a competitor.

And customization might be the key idea and sword of the launcher to the showdown, but a minimalistic style of launcher like how Hyperion is then wouldn’t it be great to see popping vibrant colors with dark thick lines or a messy but pleasing look to be seen on such simple launcher like it is? Customization should be available but with the flexibility, I suppose it is a competitor and could be said a better one than famous launchers like Lawnchair, Evie, Apex and finally, Nova.

Rabin Sapkota says:

i love CPL launcher


No notification dots

MrVegas says:

Its nice but apps seem to delay before they launch. Not a major delay but a noticeable pause before the apps launch,. Not feeling that. That takes away from the beauty of my OnePlus 6t and that can’t happen. Can’t get my money back but I’m going back to my OnePlus 6t default launcher.

mas4213 says:

Does the typography affect system wide? Because i tried changing fonts with go launcher but it didn’t change the fonts for the settings, messages, etc, which was weird. I’m thinking of buying the pro version since it can change the fonts, my xperia can’t change fonts WHY SONY T___T

Malak Hasni says:

Nova is the best

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