I Got Custom Clothes From An App

So a few months ago I saw this bizarre, polka-dotted motion capture suit that claimed to be able to measure you and then let you order customized clothes through their app – to which I said: challenge ACCEPTED! So I ordered the suit, let it measure my body, and then waited 2 months for my custom clothes to arrive. And this is what happened. What do you think? Would you try this out?

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veyonslay says:

omg her haircut and her personality vampiness she reminds me of Mel or whatever the vampire girl name is in hotel transylvania

Grace Rigoni says:

did she get her shoe back

madi easton says:

This company seems like a scam and not at all worth the money :/

Glitter Doll says:

Obamacare brought back the guillotine….

Brittany Frazier says:

Please apply to go on Say Yes To The Dress girl!!!!!!

Jackie Marie says:

The problems that you had with the fit of the jeans are the exact same issues that I have with all jeans!

E. Roy says:

This whole video is very amusing to me

Rowan Moorhead says:

Does the zozo suit make anyone else think of miraculous ladybug?

Amanda Barrett says:

Your merch is perfect! ❤️

SieaWolfDeadly says:

My dad had a zoo suit and when my mum put it on him I was just playing mini golf in my room with my big brother

zamazingo089 says:

My body keeps changing with diet, season, work…. 2 months is too long! I would not fit properly.

Vivian Sosa says:

LMAO the zozo suit may be free but the shipping is 4 dollars

Shelly Kanda says:

Not to be a hater but you posted this video on February so did you wait one more month to send this video since you said it arrived at January.

Keri Corley says:

Screw the clothes…I want the suit!

Arleen Anderson says:

it’s extremely hard to measure yourself. You need someone to make sure that everything is parallel to the ground. It’s super easy to be slightly higher or lower in the back. You can really see this if you measure yourself for personalized sewing pattern software!

Samantha Rutledge says:

So mod cloth has location in Austin, and they use the zozo suit to size you into their clothes

veryverte says:

Did you ever get the Birkenstock back?

Triniti Edwards says:


B Family Life says:

I use the ZOZO suit to track my monthly measurements since I work out and lose weight.

Lady Lindsey says:

my mom did this a few months ago and she got a pair of pants and it was soooo off. they were too short and too big! she got them for free but they’re so expensive for a regular pair of jeans

Violet Beukemann says:

does zozo wear this? zozo is a demon a powerful demon

jack the Lass says:

Ok please don’t hate me but when I saw the thumbnail I thought you had designed yourself a polka dot jumpsuit

RoyaleArmy Games says:

Back in my day, ZOZO was a demon

Frances Locke says:

I gotta say, you look like dabomb.com in those jeans, even with the ample crotch action going on.

Brenda Rodriguez says:

I like your videos but your voice is very annoying. It sounds like you just sit there and read from a monitor

MGM Firework says:

I’m just thinking about Zozo the demon as I watch this

Jhana Dharmadhikari says:

Are you guys still getting married or?????

Vicki says:

Your great, I like that you offer yourself as a “Guinea pig” for us to see .. I loved your online cheap wedding dresses Was that you ? Haha lol.
Incident Lynn, how much was that set up to buy the Dotti suit and out info into Android? Cheers xx

buzztasticpandas says:

Your shape is so cute ☺️

plastic angel says:

i m jealous seeing her so confident in her body despite her weight and body shape, when I weight 96lb and I just hate my body and my curves and seeing myself so fat in pictures and mirrors make me wanna throw up

Jennifer Pendley says:

Am I the only one that hears zozo and thinks of the demon that pops up in the supernatural investigation show world??

awesomeslimeyness 0478 says:

Maybe you lost weight in the 2 months and that’s why it doesn’t fit

Izzie says:

The cost of a plain white t shirt from here was ridiculous

Lisette Quintano says:

How tall are you? That inseam seems short.

Love says:

Who names a company ZoZo? Does anyone else know what that means? I laughed at the name.

Safiya Nygaard says:

HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! here is a weird video of something we bought back in NOVEMBER and took two months to get to us!! would u guys try this zozo suit? also, if ur interested in our new merch, you can check it out here! https://fiendsbysaf.com/ xoxo, saf

Ender Draws Crap says:

Imagine wearing the zoos suit Leggings for a hole day

hasaheadachenow says:

Great review, you save me money so often!

Anne Shipley says:

It’s so weird that they have you measure yourself for custom clothing, and then they only offer clothes that require no customization. I could understand it if someone had really large breasts, and had trouble with button down shirts, or something like that.

Triniti Edwards says:

I posted this while comments are disabled

Maddy says:

Averaging less than an inch off is damn impressive. It’s super hard to get accurate 3D models and measurements using a phone camera AND a moving model. High quality 3D scans are done with lasers or high quality cameras on rigs that move around the subject or you need tens or even a hundred pictures of a still model and even then you need to touch up a lot of it. So this app actually did really great

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