I Got Custom Foundation From An App

I tried out the MatchCo app, a custom foundation-matching app! Can your phone send you the perfect foundation? You guys will have to let me know what you think of it!

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I use the Make Up For Ever foundation in the color 118, and the NYX BB Cream in Golden!

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maggie g. says:

am i the only one noticing her lock screen lol

erinissecretlysatan says:

shouldn’t custom foundation ask about skin type, how much coverage, and if you want other things like extra hydration or SPF? not everyone has the exact same skin type, just testing for skin tone isn’t enough, especially not for $50

Rochell Oelofsen says:

Am I the only one who CANT put make up on with my hair loose? It maked me cringe lol

julie smets says:

Representation carry European ezpfby thus floor flat add cabinet dimension bid Palestinian.

Gabbie’s Showstoppers says:


Natalia Pagan says:

My perfect match is Fenty Beauty shade 200 Fenty Beauty is expensive but I had the money so I got it

Tishta Lewis says:

Evil Siri was waaay right w your color

Crimson Slayer says:

My inner wrists are vv pale, outer is pale yellow, my face is tanned (when white people ask if you’re mix raced uno), my chest is pale my neck is brown asf– yeah this wouldn’t work for me


When evil Siri is more helpful then regular annoying Siri.

LDShadowLady BiggestFan says:

5:38 you look like Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

Nasida N says:

I think you look absolutely stunning in this video Safiya!! you should wear this foundation often. Honestly I wish I had your skin color, it’s beautiful

Nurettin-Can Tasdemir says:


sugarstars says:

Don’t press read more

… I asked you for one thing and you didn’t do it. It would’ve been so easy to just ignore this and keep scrolling, but *nooO0o* you just had to press read more.You know what you are?You’re an asshole who finds fun in being “savage” behind a screen.

Gabriela Todeschi says:

I have to say, this color is your color and you’ve used the wrong color all this time.hahaha

vivi says:

looks better than ur usual foundation

panic at the disco is my life, so i eat chez whiz says:



Safiya Nygaard says:

Hi loves!!! Happy thursday! Hope you all are having a great week ~ what do you think of the app? Would you use it?! EDIT: there aren’t any options to customize the formula, and yes i know i need to get me to a beach asap!

simran .m says:

Omg it looks amazing !

Nynke says:

i love your phone background

Mrnon Gamer says:

Pause on 8:36 lol

Vada Likes Food says:

Oml background goals

Mila Dubois says:

correspondent smooth could mission faith shooting saving delay television.

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