I Tried Custom Shampoo & Conditioner

I tried out the “Function of Beauty” customized shampoo & conditioner for a week and I felt ~smooth~ and ~soft~ and ~dandruff free~. What did you guys think? Would you get customized hair products?

Candace’s Video On This Product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYXZMFxyYC0

Function of Beauty website: https://www.functionofbeauty.com/

Necklace from Ye brand: https://www.yebrand.co/product-page/dragon-s-claw-choker

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kodieack kodie says:

My perfect shampoo and conditioner:it has to help with dandruff because it is baaadddd, ive got extreamly oily hair too also i need one that i can only use once per week
I dont want to take a shower when i do i do like shane

Hayden Wild says:

It’s SAF-ter than usual

Moony_Loves_Music says:

Whenever you say soft, I think Saf-t.

Reagan Jackson says:

Safs face at 4:36 is hilarious

Takerslove23 says:

Safiya, I bought this shampoo and cream rise because of you. I have the same hair issues but have psoriasis on my scalp. I was worried this was not going to work. I am on week 2 and I am loving it! The psoriasis is gone (or at least under control) and I am beginning to LOVE my hair. I never knew how much I was missing always pulling it back to hide the flakes from psoriasis. Thank you thank. Please make more beauty videos your honest opinion matters!

Aurora Appleget says:


Juliet Balog says:

I think it looks shinier

lenni tuominen says:

Military stop check doctrine odds measurement hate here

Crafty unicorn says:

“Usually I’d pee in the shower, but for you guys I’ll still pee in the shower. Right now you ask that is a secret I’ll never tell!” Love you Saf! BTW when Tyler was in the shower with the shampoo I died like if you agree!!!

Cherri Pai says:

Im ordering some for my husband’s itchy scalp. It better work cos it’s fucken expensive for an Australian.

Jαsოιიε says:

You mean your hair feels *saf*
Ya, I know, I really can’t *function*
But you know, what’s the *beauty* in that?

Naena Lain says:

Ur hair looks amazing tbh

olivia urquhart says:

Your nickname is Saf and you said your hair is more safted isn’t that convenient

Jody Love says:

it looks much better.

jazmine flores vlogs says:

oh my god when you going to shave your hairy arms when tell me when God


Your hair must be really SAF.

Okay bye i need to stop

Gymnastics star says:

If you did get the 16oz conditioner and 16oz shampoo it is quite a bit cheaper

Lila_ fraser says:

That info on dandruff was posted on my bday

Quick Beam says:

“You” are going thru the shampoo quickly. Lol.

Samantha James says:

Your hair looks so much shinier and straighter! You can also tell that you don’t have dandruff because in some of the videos when you get kind of close to the camera, I sometimes see little pieces of white.

SunsetVampCat says:

your hair looks straighter

Vanessa Alvarenga says:

I use conditioner wayyy more than shampoo probably bc I have dry, thick, curly hair. I only use shampoo once or twice a week.

Aashna Chowdhury says:

Does anyone ever use up the conditioner as much as the shampoo? My shampoo always runs out first. With likr half of my conditioner still left.

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