iOS 12 Shortcuts App: Walkthrough & Creating Your First Siri Shortcut!

iOS 12 Shortcuts App Tutorial: Creating Your First Custom Siri Shortcut | How to Use Siri Shortcuts App in iOS 12

Shortcuts is one of the best new features in iOS 12 and in this video, I’ll be walking through the application. You’ll learn how it works, how to create a custom Siri Shortcut and more!

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scrw YT lili says:

can shortcut record my steps of using an app?
im doing repetitive task from using transportation app.

the idea just like “action” in photoshop.. it can record steps. so designer don’t need to using logic.

dalesintaiwan says:

Good video, thanks.
It would be better if the Shortcut could record your actions so that you can do more than just the pre-set commands. For example, I want to set the Invert Colors function but don’t see anyway to do this. And, this would enable us to use third party apps.

Yasin Hasan says:

they made it stupidly complicated… could have been easier like Bixby commands

Gaasyendietha says:

You can just ask Siri for days until Christmas. But I see how it can be useful. Ex. Days before vacations

Riki Maru says:


MyKittenHasADD says:

The tip shortcut is wrong. You don’t tip on the total AFTER tax, you tip on the subtotal. A line needs to be added to include the tax after you’ve selected your tip amount so that the “total after tip” is correct.

Kartik Suthar says:

Great simplified explanation! Thank you! Ine question though, I created shortcut as in video and placed on home screen. But… When I click to run it, it actually opens the shortcuts application and run the actions as in debug mode, showing step by step in app. I would like that it does the actions without actually showing me this step by step flow. Is there a way? Thanks in advance!

Tammy Malone says:

I followed your steps on the video and I keep getting a -7 days until Christmas. On the Specified Date it shows the year 2018 and it is 2019. How do you change that?

2019 Chevrolet Equinox says:

Is there a way I can make it so I don’t have to press the play button. Meaning that when I use the app I made it makes the image pop up without pressing play

Kisonitse says:

I keep getting there was a problem with the app

Natasha Kornak says:

Does anyone know how to make a shortcut such that when I scan a document into a PDF on an app (i.e., office lens or an equivalent) it saves to a specific folder in drop box?

Tim Coragliotti says:

I just found this video …Where do I find “THE CARDS” he talks about??

deedee1398 says:

Can you do one for opening a playlist in tidal app

K k says:

can someone help me set up the youtube downloader?

Curtis Glasgow says:

So he doesn’t actually walk you complete through the process of setting up the tip calculator or maybe I am just slow haha.

Nova Slayer says:

Make a list where we can download your shortcuts

Michael Lechner says:

So we.. shouldn’t show in share sheet? Say that five times fast!

Mary Kay Nichols says:

Much too fast.

Brandon Butch says:

*UPDATE 2:* Want to see my 18 favorite shortcuts with a download link to each one? Check it out –>

*UPDATE:* The advanced video tutorial is here! –>

Sup guys! Shortcuts is an amazing application that I spent 6+ hours playing around with yesterday. Hopefully this video makes everything a little bit easier to understand!

Michael B Fink says:

Brandon, You talked fast, and could not tell what buttons you were plugging in.

W McB says:

Need help creating airplane mode without turning Bluetooth off. Or disabling and enabling the network and not just the data.

Drone Beetle says:

Thanks for your videos. Share like using a Shortcuts

falco830 says:

I’m trying to automate actions that I do IN App like Netflix, where I could select which movie I wanted to watch, and the app would go into Netflix, Search that movie, Select the movie, and Play the movie. But it seems you can’t do things like that with this app… else anyone have tutorials for something similar to what I’m trying to Accomplish!???

Francisco J. Neto says:

Hey guys am I the only who cant creat a shortcut to open a youtube video without Siri asking to unlock the phone so “she” can open the link? What the heck??? And do you guys always get the youtube muted by default?

jhon shebib says:

Why does your App Store looks different?

cathy mcilhenny says:

I want to add the shortcuts but you go so fast

Abdullahi Ahmed says:

Hello sir, that was great explanation even though you were going too fast. My question is, I want to make one called blackout. Where I can set the smart Invert and reduce the white point to 100%. Can you do a video for that one please.

Syed Gilani says:

Is it just me or is this unnecessarily complex. I am sure Google can do this far more simplier.

EKM325 says:

I really love your video’s! I’ve had my iPhone for a week after a decade of Android. I love iphone!! Thanks for the document scanner tip in a previous video, I used it today. I’m a tech savvy(pretty much) Baby Boomer. I wish you would talk just a tad slower! Thanks again for the tips!

Open It says:

This is a great video my friend, thank you for taking the time to explain, I was wondering if I could use your video as a reference to do it in Spanish? Let me know!

Christian Lee Trager says:

How about the Download File Essentials shortcut; it is the one everyone wants to use. (But no one knows how to use it; because of course it is Apple.)

Jose Diaz says:

hard to see what u are doing and you are you moving along too fast

Michael Antony says:

Your videos are usually great and there is no compromise of this video as well, just IMHO things are bit fast to follow! slow down a bit and it will help! Peace 🙂

God says:

S(uck) M(y) D(ick) 3.5.8 ?!

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