iPhone X – First 10 Things To Do!

iPhone 8 – First 8 Things To Do! (First Settings to Change & Tips)

Just get an iPhone X and wondering what to do after the initial setup process? Here are 10 settings to change and tips to consider with your new phone!

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iPhone X – Basic & Hidden Gestures (Beginner’s Guide): https://youtu.be/GZUxLtHyS5M
Save battery life on iPhone X: https://youtu.be/TNsJm8oM8DU
iPhone X Unboxing: https://youtu.be/S0TrsIEJwzo
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MrnousakCZE says:

man check your messages

Negan says:

Oh Yeah never use auto lock, cause it takes a whole 2 seconds to unlock the phone..lol

BHFC says:

iPhone 8 all the way!

Rob Whitlow says:

It’s not a swipe up and hold, it’s a swipe up and pull right

Anton Rahbek says:

If you want to protect your phone, why do it as the last step?

apna jatt says:

I got my phone from Costco, they sell screen protector and otter box case together, they will install it for you right there, $ 49.99 I agree I would not want to leave the store without protection. I didn’t purchase the insurance for that matter.

James E. Jackson Jr. says:

First thing to do when you get a new iPhone X? 1. Take plenty of pictures of your phone. 2. List it for sale on Amazon or Let go and buy Android, Google Pixel or 1+5.

sdc says:

Thanks for the tutorial Im newly retired and want to stay up to date with my grandkids Keep the tutorials coming I even like the pace that you’re teaching Guess you’re a natural born instructor

Laith Hacep says:


Judy Stadt says:

talk too fast!!!

ashley griffith says:

How can u restore your photos from your old phone

gamer taboo says:

No no no no no no no. First thing to do with your brand new $1150 phone? Put on a damn case. 2nd? Put on a tempered glass screen protector. Hahaha. If you’re like me, that case is an Otterbox Defender, which although it’s the safest/most protective case on the market, completely hides the phone’s sexy new look. But I’m not taking the chance, especially now that it’s back to all glass, which is a amazing.

multifandom trash says:

i just got the silver x today! thanks for this helpful video!!

YGglobalVIP says:

auto brightness and fast auto lock is on because it causes less burn in with those OLED screens. Just keep that in mind when changing the settings like he does.

Soyer Dolce says:

Cool video dude!

sulman saeed says:

I bought 3days ago wonderful…really amazing

ashley griffith says:

And how can u restore your contacts

Brandon Butch says:

Q: Will auto-lock cause burn-in on the screen?
A: No, not if you always lock your device. This is simply personal preference. I just prefer it off & have always done so for every iPhone.

Q: Is quality worse when changing to HEIF/HEVC format?
A: Yes, but barely noticeable. Just lightly compressed. The storage saved makes it worth it (file size is almost cut in half).

Q: How is the iPhone X more powerful than the iPhone 8?
A: I was talking about in terms of handling AR. They have the same internals but with the iPhone X you have biometrics & Face ID, which opens more doors for AR apps. It’ll be all around better for AR.

Q: How can I save battery on my iPhone X?
A: Watch this video: https://youtu.be/TNsJm8oM8DU

If you have any other questions, let me know & have a great day!

Ray Dillman says:

Best video I’ve watched, thanks

Buck Bored says:

Life proof cases. best cases. no need to talk about others haha

Hurmalat says:

bullshit video

xChima says:

Iphone 10 more like Iphone 10 hundred dollars

I can I have 1mil subscribers please says:

iPad is like iphone bc is has 11.2 iOS and is fun bc now u can record too

Rodrigo Lara says:


Madelyn Teague says:

Okay wow hi you are cute

dam rite says:

Here’s a question and i’m sorry if you happened to cover in the video and I missed it but,
when purchasing an app or in-app item, does it require you to type in your passcode as well? Or does it just rely on Face ID? I ask because I’ve had times in the past where I accidentally click a purchase tab but with previous phones I could obviously cancel, but I also don’t really like the idea of having to unlock everything with the passcode even if the apps totally free. Hopefully i made sense lol

Krone says:

1:03 Travis mate, you were too late

Galaxy says:

CORRECTION: Throw the X away and go get ursef a samsung

Fire says:

Why am I watching this lol this phone literally cost 8.8* my current phone it’ll be awhile before I’m making enough money to just drop 1.1k on a phone and by then the x will be obsolete and hopefully a great Android will be available

Freddye says:

Great phone

Dody Widodo says:

Just bought one yesterday….. love it!!

Erwin Kunze says:

Pretty “Creepy”, huh?
Dudes don’t use this word, “creepy” is a girl’s expression. What are you a pansy boy?

naman kapil says:

i have seen 100 of videos on iphone X some says its worth taking some says its not m confused… jst answer me should i buy this or not. Answer me Yes n No waiting for your reply…

Tyrannic says:

Turning auto lock off isn’t smart on an oled screen, it will suffer from burn-in much faster with that feature disabled.

Mitesh Patel says:

I am rich

mizzzelly69 says:

To b n wiggle mode on the Apple Watch how do I change the apps on the Apple Watch? Do u know? There a couple thing I don’t use on my watch that I could replace. I saw you do wiggle mode on the phone I’ve seen wiggle mode on the watch but I can’t figure it out

Tyrannic says:

Turning auto lock off isn’t smart on an oled screen, it will suffer from burn-in much faster with that feature disabled.

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